Monthly Message: Choosing Love in the Moment

Dear Ones,

I am Gaia, and I hold each one of you always in my embrace. In this role, I act as a mother to every human on the earth. But you see, it is not just the humans that share this role. I am also mother to the plants, animals, divas, and elementals—all life that moves upon the physical earth.

Now some of you may wonder how I can be mother to all of these beings at once. It is simple and you already know that answer in your hearts. It is because I embody the Love of All That Is and that love is the very structure on which the universe is created. So when I say to you that I am indeed the love of Source it is true, as you are also the Love of Source.

There are some of you who wish to perceive me as a grand and powerful being, far superior to yourselves. That is fine if you want to believe that, bit it simply is not true. Do you not understand that the Love of Source has no favorites? The Love of the Creator does not see one person, animal, or plant above another. Each living being carries the spark of divine love within it and to snuff out that flame in deference to another is part of the human illusion that has been so prevalent upon the earth.

Do you not see, my beloveds that the time is now upon you to put the old ways of dividing and conquering behind you? There is no reason to see the human being as more powerful or more preferred than any other living being on the planet.

The ancient cultures walked with that basic understanding. All life was a gift to be cherished and honored as people learned to walk in balance with the other beings on earth. In ancient cultures thanks was given to the beasts or plants who gave their essence to sustain other life forms. Nothing, I repeat nothing, was taken for granted with the idea that a life was owed to another.

As the years have passed and humans have regressed and collectively chosen to move away from honoring the connection to all things, the walls of belief have impeded humanity’s very ability to return to a more open heart in dealing with others and in living in greater harmony and balance on the earth.

Many technologies that would have been beneficial were squelched by corporations and governments and those who did not understand the good of the whole. Fear motivated the decision to squelch the technologies. Those with influence thought that if humans were empowered to act as sovereign and wise stewards of the earth, that their own structures developed to control the flow of money to them would be in jeopardy. In many cases that would have been correct.

I have not been blind to any of this, and I see and feel it as these energies jostle and play out to this day. Know that is not an accident that these energies have played out. Know that it is not the epitome of evil, as some would claim, to allow for these imbalances upon the planet to play out over time. Know that the wars and famines, as painful as they have been, are not as they seem. All of these things, these energies that have shaped your world by force, division, and fear are slowly coming to an end.

It has been said by many that the time of lies and deception is drawing to a close. As the systems built on lies come crumbling down they struggle to survive. The fact remains that they are coming undone at the very core by forcing certain beliefs and rules of life on the populace.

It is true that humans will one day look at this current time on earth as a barbaric and dark time in human history. Since that is so, how much, Dear Ones, can you become? Can you envision a time when wars will not rage upon the planet, when countries do not incite their people to kill their neighbors, when differences will still remain, but where people will listen to each other with respect and will no longer feel the need to kill the other in order to be right?

Can you envision the time when the collective will act in gratitude as a daily devotion to the plants and elementals who support them? Can you envision the day when people of different cultures and skin colors come together in unity to find solutions to problems? And let me tell you, Dear Ones, that when that time comes the solutions will be far beyond what you can currently imagine, simply because you will look at each other and will say, “ I see the Soul of Love in you, and I acknowledge the Soul of Love in me. Let us walk together in harmony and create a new world for our human family.”

Know that these changes will not happen overnight. It is also true that when each of you acts as a balanced light of love, emanating a desire to be free of drama and those things that place humans into the very seat of mass consciousness—know that each person who chooses love in the moment also moves the collective one step closer to the time when the unconditional Love of Source will be the norm instead of the exception.

With all of my love and with all of your love, let us walk together in harmony, in greater balance, and understanding. So it is, Dear Ones.

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