You Belong

My Dear Colleagues of Light and Love,a leaf against a blossom

Know that I am Gaia, your sister, your equal, your ever-present source and reminder of the love of home that truly lives within each and everyone of you.

Do not be mistaken. Even the most calloused and distant members of humanity–those who embrace the role of the densest darks, carry the love of Source within them. Each cell vibrates with the knowledge that all is appropriate. Each cell knows every single second of every day and night that a much bigger and vaster picture is playing out. Each cell knows that the human is never ever cut off from the love of Source because that very love always dwells within him or her. Do you not see that this is the miracle behind the illusions of earth?

As much as any human may want to believe that he or she is unworthy of divine love, he or she is indeed that love. Denying that fact does not change the truth of it. As much as the human squelches and snuffs out that awareness; as much as they choose to create chaos and discord and then to blame it on forces beyond their own actions, they still operate under the love of Source. The illusion as you know is that they choose to cut themselves off from that very innate and deeply sacred knowing that manifests moment by moment. Every single part of the human being encompasses and reflects the Divine love of Source.

Dear Ones, this message is not intended to create a wider chasm by comparing the awakening human too those who have not yet awakened. Within the workings of the highest energies of Source there truly is no judgment over what time one chooses enlightenment. Know that the dregs of society, as some of you prefer to call them, are also brilliant souls of light. They have chosen to a play a crucial role during this very challenging time upon my body and within the history of the collective universe to serve in amplifying the energies of chaos and darkness.

Do not move into fear, Dear Ones, when the media and other influences point out that people should cower under the weight of oppression and that nothing short of destruction and war will stop the darkened energies. The apparent amplification of these tumultuous actions as of late are simply serving as a divine mirror in reflecting the darkness back to the collective in ways that it can be seen more clearly for what it is.

Some of you may ask how darkness can be a divine mirror? It is simply this. Every expression by every human is an expression of the love of Source. It may seem difficult to understand in the moment, especially when many people suffer under the weight of human oppression and injecting force upon another. Know, Dear Ones, that these actions, though painful in the moment, serve a higher purpose. That purpose will one day be better understood as humanity continues to make the collective choice to include its human family of the earth instead of making choices to exclude and to divide.

Division has been allowed for thousands of years on earth as part of the bigger plan for the universe as directed by our Mother/Father God, the ultimate energy of balanced light. The ideas of separation have become so common on earth that humans have lost their way in creating and seeing the connection to the Oneness that is rooted in all ways of life.

Pain, though not something that humans like to focus upon, brings attention to life in ways that otherwise would not be known. When atrocities happen, people’s hearts respond in ways that they otherwise would not. They desire the happiness and well-being for their neighbor. They desire that circumstances and governments and corporate interests would choose to function for the benefit of all, and in this sense, the tragedies increase human awareness.

Tragedies allow humanity to take note of what is not working in life and to ask how it can be changed. When awakening humans begin to feel the connection with the beating heart of their human family halfway around the world, they begin to remember the Oneness that is at the core of their being. They begin to remember that the love for self also resonates with the same frequency that is the underlying love of Source, that which honors and supports all humans, all creeds, all cultures, and yes, even the plants and elementals. The plants and elementals have never forgotten that connection and if you allow their love to resonate within you, they can be some of your greatest teachers.

It is my desire that each of you take time to sit in a quiet place where you can feel the breeze upon your face and to feel it move the energies within your heart. Ask to feel the energies of the Oneness that exist in your world, indeed within your very cellular structure. The loving support is always within you, yet it also respects your desires to limit that love as part of your illusionary human experience. Know that the way to open to that love is clearer and stronger than it has been for a long, long time on this planet.

Come to me, my beloveds and feel right now, right here how you belong to the love of the physical world. All life is sacred and to believe otherwise strengthens the illusion. There truly is no separation when you allow the love and the remembrance of that love to flow through you and to become the inherent, permanent essence of who you are. Your thoughts, moment by moment, either inhibit or enhance that reality.

It is my desire, Dear Ones, that each of you open to the love that it is you, the love that swirls through your atoms and DNA into your etheric bodies. It is time to connect and to not shut off the flow of who you truly are.

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