The Circle of Love

Dear Ones,a sun dog circle around the sun

I am Gaia and my heart extends to each one of you in a circle of infinite love. Many of you do not grasp the significance of the biology and the geometry behind the circle as a motif of life. It is true that many of your ancients have portrayed the true workings of life within the embrace of the everlasting circle, but what is it, and what does it mean?

The circle, to you, may seem simple in its design. Once it is created it has no beginning or end and signifies the essence of each person’s existence on this planet. What you do not see is that each person is a circle with no beginning or end. You wonder how that can be, don’t you?

Your human eyes only see life and the experiences of earth as a linear passage of time having beginnings and endings. Do you not see that the beginnings and endings are obscured by human perceptions of what the human mind can see? From the human perspective, life is a series of progressions that culminate in death and leaving the physical body. What happens, Dear Ones, if you choose to remember the passings of life beyond the human construct of time?

Instead of placing yourselves at the beginning of the circle with your ideas of birth and death, I ask you to place yourself as the circle itself. Be the circle. What happens then? Something wonderfully interesting happens. You move beyond the cycles of birth and death. I want you to feel this.

When you are the circle, there is no beginning or end. You have always existed in love and you always will. The love of the Creator never ends and it will continue in this same course. The only time that this love appears to cease is when you purposely choose to experience the illusions of stopping that flow of love.

What does love mean that is eternal? It is the force that holds the universe together. It binds the fabric of thought and expression within the love that allows all beings the sovereign right to be that love in any way that they choose to express.

Do you not see that the beggar, the murderer, the thief–those who have acted in ways that cause society to disdain their existence–are also part of this circle? When you can see the other person as an expression of the One, even in the lessons of limitation that they choose to visit in this lifetime, it allows you to find a connection with every person in ways that your human judgments would otherwise not allow.

Now, I am not saying that you should go out and create havoc. I am stating these things simply as a reminder for you to know that a bigger and more inclusive picture is always playing out on the realms of earth than what you are taught to see under the umbrella of mass consciousness.

When you are tempted to scorn and denigrate those who are different than you, those whose actions create fear and resentment in you, remember that they too–like each of you–are beings of love, even in their darkest moments. The difference is that they have not yet awakened in human form to the higher truth that creating limitation through force and coercion is not the energy of unconditional love.

Even though many on the planet are still embodying archaic beliefs that affect their perceptions and actions, each of you always has the choice to choose love over fear and to also choose the higher perspective of seeing all on the planet as loving souls of light, having the darkened experience of earthly limitation. By remembering that truth and making it real in your everyday thoughts, you open pathways for greater love and truth to manifest in inconceivable ways.

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