Stepping Outside of Chaos

Gaia Message April 12, 2014

My Dear Colleagues of Love and Light,

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 11.30.35 AMI am Gaia and I wish for you to hear me this day with your hearts. Know, Dear Ones, that the happenings upon my body are not travesties at all. By human standards, they may seem to lack integrity for the good of the entire planet. Know that there is a purpose in the great clearing of energies that is currently happening all across the globe.

As you look across the planet, it easy for many of you to fall back into fear and to despair that love will never return as a a guiding force upon this experience of earth, but know, Dear Ones, that divine love is already here. It has never left you. It has been around you, supporting you at every juncture of your experience. It is true and I desire that you breathe deeply into this knowing and to allow that truth of this to fill your consciousness.

You see, as the energies of New Earth emerge, the old forceful ways must give way to allow for the more gentle and flowing energies to emerge. Know that the obvious chaos is not so transparent in that there are many subtle energies playing out that are causing the old to slip away.  Know Dear Ones, that you will be and have always been supported through these times of vast change. Even if some choose to transition during these times, it is really only a change of scenery, for your consciousness continues on beyond the game of earth. So there is nothing to fear, if you trust in the heart of Source as always supporting you, wherever you choose to be.

The problem, Dear Ones, with human thought is that you often choose to dwell on that which is negative and fearful. Your human brains have been conditioned to see the aspects of fear as more powerful and predictive of the future reality than what it actually is. When you can realize that by holding onto the fears and by giving them life, you only make that reality, or prison of belief,  stronger for yourself. When you can release fearful beliefs then it is easier  to make the choice to trust that all is well, and that you are supported by Spirit, and by an entourage of spiritual family who truly have your bests interests at heart.

Know, Dear Ones that even though we—and I speak as the collective team who supports you—are by your sides, as you say 24/7, we are limited in how much we can assist you. You must ask for our assistance.

Free will is the sacred balm of your existence and you have the choice to allow your thoughts to create a wave of love within your own being that will be immovable within the chaos of earth; or you can continue to choose the lessons from separating yourselves from the abundance that always flows to you. The key, Dear Ones is to know that choosing a life that is ripe with unconditional love is to open to the gift that truly is your birth-rite.

You do not need to fear, for fear is a lower vibration that impedes your ability to walk in the beauty of your own soul. Where there is fear, there cannot be unconditional love. If you can bring the vibration of unconditional love into your being, then that resonance creates a field that literally draws the blessings of heaven and earth to you. It is that simple. It is not some grand mystery that must be squeezed from a turnip by being smashed and beaten upon a rock lifetime across lifetime.

The answer lies within your heart Dear Ones. It is not an answer of force. Each thought that you think in every moment carries you into the vibratory field that you choose as your own reality. Even though others around you may choose to be in fear, you have the choice to honor your sacred heart and to set the fear aside and to choose love of self every moment of of every day with every breath you take.

Know that I am Gaia, and that I am with you every moment as the loving support vessel decreed by the Supreme Creator. How can a loving Creator create a world where that love is not unconditionally available to all? The full and pure love of Source is here on this planet right now. The ways and means of accessing it and manifesting it are becoming easier as each days passes.

Do not despair that things do not move as fast as you would like. Do not despair that the world seems to spiral ever deeper into chaos. Like the waters that churn in times of upheaval and great cleansing, eventually the debris settles and new life emerges from what was transformed from the past. Know that if you choose to step outside of the chaos of these changing times that you will find the love that you desire simply by being that love, which is your true birth-rite. It will support you in all ways. Be the heart of unconditional love in every moment and all is truly as it is.

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