The Human Ego and Divinity

Gaia Channel 3/13/2014

Dear Ones,

Many of you feel weighed down with the day to day drudgeries of life. At times it feels to you as if the walls of time stand still and you do not know where to turn or how to pursue the higher energies that will surely bring greater enlightenment. Where do you turn, Dear Ones? The answer is within, always, always within. Take a deep breathe.

You see, Dear Ones the forces that shape your earth are losing their grip on furthering the Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 10.55.09 AMenergies of force, divisions, and limitation. It has been said by many on the forefront of change that these energies are something to be feared. I tell you they are not. Your media portrays the events of change as lack and inhumanity, but do you not feel a subtle difference taking place? It may not be so obvious in how people react to what they see, but when you step back and observe, you can feel the changes in attitudes that are taking place.

Look to your internet to give you a bigger picture. People are saying, “No more. This is not the way that we want to be treated,” and when that happens the walls go back up by those who have wanted to protect their own interests at the expense of the good of the whole. Those times are coming to a close and you are witnessing the beginning of the end of such degrees of violence and pestilence that have plagued humankind for centuries.

Why is this so? It is because people are choosing love themselves. Oh it may not seem like love in the moment when lives are being lost and homes destroyed, but people are choosing love. How can this be, you may ask? I know that it is difficult when one is faced with great loss, but remember that the gifts available through change often outweigh the momentary setbacks.

Trust, Dear Ones that everything is as it is meant to be. The great illusion asks that humans see themselves as separate from the love the Creator. In times of great change, where systems are failing and fear prevails, as it seems on every corner, what can you do to maintain your center? You can love yourselves, Dear Ones. You can trust that every minute on this earth, you have the opportunity to choose love and compassion for yourself.

Don’t you see that as so many of the old institutions continue to ask their followers to give away their life force to the serve the group, that many within are feeling their sovereign worth and are saying, “No more. No more will I give away my well-being and the well-being of my family to serve an entity that has never supported my best interests?” So many in the world today are awakening to their true worth and that worth has little to do with status, or class, or caste systems, but has everything to do with the sacred rights and heart of one’s own divinity.

Is there enough space for every person on the planet to see him or herself as a divine being? Of course, for when one truly knows their divinity they do not act from a place of ego that squelches the good of others for one’s own gain. When ego is truly understood, Dear Ones, it is not wrapped into an old box and shoved under the bed or buried in the backyard, never to be used again. It is far from the truth.

Yes, you may say that there is such a things as divine ego, if you want to split hairs. Some have the idea that ego, the human need to survive at all costs, must be tamed and annihilated within one’s own being in order for the human to be enlightened. The truth is far from it, Dear Ones. Ego is simply a part of experience. The human ego has caused people to see with eyes of fear and limitation and has not looked to see a bigger picture.

When one is in balance with ego, it serves the enlightened human in that it takes a different role. Instead of demanding that it be heard as the only voice, it offers understanding, realizing that it has spoken from the same place, and can offer the hand of compassion to those who still walk within the illusion of separation.

Dear Ones, to cut off a part of your existence as unworthy of the love of Creation is also part of the illusion. The human ego is merely a tool for giving you the experiences of earth. Do not hate it. Do note despise it. Love it as a valuable part of your experience. Do not shut the door on your own humanness in an attempt to step outside of your past. When you truly make peace with your heart and those parts of you that sometimes tie you in knots, but also ties you to every other human being on the planet, then you will see more clearly.

All life can be a walk of compassion with the understanding that comes from knowing and loving self as a being who accepts life as perfection in the moment. There is no judgment of how well you think you may have squelched the ego, for in doing so, you are just denying a side of yourself that has served you well. The problem, Dear Ones, is that you do not always see how the ego has served you because you do not see the big picture over time. Let go of the need to denigrate any part of who you are in your entirety as a human being. There is never shame in seeing with greater clarity, for clarity brings more compassion.

When you can truly love the sides of yourselves that have caused you to fight and carry on as if your lives have depended upon it, then the judgment within your hearts will be released and you will be free of those illusions.

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