Walk in Unity Each Day

Dear Colleagues of Light,A star shines in the background

I am Gaia and I welcome you into my loving embrace each and every day. Do you not feel it, Dear Ones? My love is always with you. Yet many of you choose not to feel the great connection that I offer each and every one of you, to connect to the energy of love that you know as Source, or as Mother/ Father God. It is a very simple love, Dear Ones, for it comprises the very essence of who you are; of who we all are as an extended family of love and light. Yes, even the plants, the animals, the elementals and divas who surround you are all family. Deep down you know that, and many of you wish to remember that connection and to celebrate the newfound remembrance with them.

I wish for you to feel the connection to make time in your busy lives to connect your awareness to me each day. It does not need to be a grand and eloquent affair, although if you wish, I will gladly celebrate our love together. The connection, Dear Ones, can also be a simple act of feeling your feet upon my body, of imagining a golden ray of loving light emanating from the crown of your head and moving deep into my center. Feel the love of your soul move through you deep into me and allow that love to emanate outward into your cells. When you do this, my beloveds, you will feel the love of God within every cell of your bodies. You will know that connection, simply because it exists within you, and you awaken to the flow of the universe that has always coursed through your veins.

The law of free will allows each one of you to shut yourselves off from the flow of love. Is this in reality a true statement? No. For the love of the universe is everywhere. It cannot be shut off at its source, like a leaky faucet, yet when the human being believes that he or she is separate from the love of Creation, that illusion is allowed to generate one’s reality. So, Dear Ones, you have the opportunity now to truly make a shift in your own being. It is no longer necessary to envision yourself as lacking and disconnected to the love of your own heart, that beats each moment with the flow of the universal love. Yet in cutting yourselves off from the flow of this love, you have over time given yourselves many valuable lessons, of what it means to be separate from the love of All That Is. Has it been an illusion? Yes, and a grand one, at that.

Why keep yourself in a prison when the bars will fall at your feet simply by invoking the love of your own being? Walk with me in unity each day. Walk with the love of your own being and allow each breath that you take to carry you into the love that is here for you in every moment of every day. That love, the availability of that love to bless your lives, is not an illusion at all, yet your human selves are so accustomed to seeing the love of Source as separate from yourselves that many of you do not believe that it is real. Let me tell you, Dear Ones, there could be nothing further from the truth.

Each day the love of the Creator, the love of your own soul surrounds you waiting for you to allow it into your lives. It is not some great mystery to be enlightened in such a manner, because you already are the love of Mother/Father God. The “facts” and habits that you have embraced over generations simply get in the way of you being who you truly are. It is time, Dear Ones, to be the love of Creation, to be the light of truth that resounds from the mountain tops, exclaiming, “I AM the love of Creation, intrinsically and unconditionally!” There is not other truth at this time that will do more for humanity than for each person to truly allow the love of their god-self–their soul to over light their experiences each day. In doing so, you will feel a love that cleanses and supports, that brings you more clarity in ways that you have previously not known. You will see through the heart of compassion and will feel with the eyes of unconditional love.

The energies on the planet are supporting this shift as never before, Dear Ones. We celebrate the emergence of a new earth and a new human who no longer allows the past to define the present as a slog of pain and difficulty through life. We ask that you release the old habits and perceptions and to allow your soul to shape your reality into one that is joyful and loving. It is possible to walk into a new way of being this very day.

Allow it, Dear Ones. Allow the waves of love of Mother/Father God, of your own soul, to fill you and then to let them flow through you. Your cells will know what to do. They will rejoice when you do this, because they know that it is the energy of balance and of your true home. They will know that you are allowing the fight to be over. Yes, it is over for those who choose to seek love and joy, for the energies support your every thought, whether it be entrenched in the illusion of difficulties or in moving beyond the illusions into unconditional love.

Know that myriads of beings surround you in love each day. How simple is it to allow yourselves to also be a part of that love? Yet, the human balks at rediscovering this connection because it as been forgotten because you have played your games of being human so well.

In being love is the allowing of universal love and compassion to flow through you. Allow this energy to be your constant companion and great mysteries will reveal themselves to you. Understanding and living in the flow of universal love is the key to opening many doors, including better health and great gifts of wisdom. It is my great pleasure to be of service to you. Know that I am always with you and if you call upon me I will fill you with my love each and every day. As you become the love of your souls we shall have a grand celebration indeed.


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