The Return of Innocence January 17th, 2014

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,a fall leaf on a sundial

I am Gaia, and I address you as such today because I want to establish the seed in your memory of understanding our deep connection to each other. Do you not feel that we truly are equals? We are family. All of us. Each person who walks on this planet is connected to each other. Hard to believe, is it not?

Many of you feel that because I am revered as the Holder of Love for the earth that I am somehow much, much grander than all of you. But that is simply not so, Dear Ones.

I want you to feel this truth with me, to put aside the ideas that keep you trapped as humans who see yourselves as puny and lacking in some way. That is simply not the case. Allow my essence to merge with yours, and take a few minutes and breathe in my love through your heart. Leave behind the ideas of what it means to be human–what it means to see yourselves as beings defined by your bodies and ideas. Allow me to work with you in a new way.

You see, Dear Ones, the old ideas–the one’s that you have taken on as your own–many of them are simply untrue. Such is the idea that there is separation in how you relate to me, Dear Ones. There is no separation. Feel that in your hearts. There is no need to see yourselves as unworthy or less deserving of the love that I feel for you– every moment of every day. Yes, and for the person who just asked, that love extends to you even in the dream state.

The ideas of separation from love prevent you from awakening to your true essence as beings of love. Many of you still look in the mirror and see yourselves from the human perspectives that have been defined for you by your religions, families, political systems, and cultures. Yet a greater truth exists. You are all part of a huge family of love.

As hard as it may seem for some of you to understand the depths of this truth, every human who walks this earth, regardless of their actions is loved unconditionally by the Creator and also by me. You see, Dear 0nes, it does little good to condemn those who you do not think behave in ways that are optimal for the growth of the planet, for you are only pointing a finger at yourself when you do this. The universal law exists that whatever you put out into conscious reality returns to you. When you create ideas of separation and condemnation of those who believe differently, it strengthens the energies of conflict. Those thoughts create their own energy. It is that simple.

Do not over-think this, Dear Ones, for if you feel with your hearts, you can open the door to understanding how it is that the murderer is also a being of love. You can begin to feel how those who you have perceived to have harmed you are innocent of the condemnation that may come their way. I see some of you shaking your heads over this, and there is no judgment in what you choose to believe, but know that every thought you think truly does return to you.

Let me speak of innocence. For many centuries, humans have looked at life as a war between your group and the other. Many of you have sought to find reasons to create strength by playing on fears of what might happen if the other is allowed to be too strong.  What have humans done, when they have succumbed to this fear? They have restricted their own ability to love and to extend compassion to someone who is different from them. Why does this matter so much now?

Humanity is being asked to let go of these old ways of seeing life, of looking at those who are so different that one cannot see any common ground, as you say. The problem lies in that most humans do not want to see how their own biases shape their world. Fathers and mothers have taught their children to hate and fear, just as their own loved ones taught them. Many religions and cultural groups have done likewise, passing on the traditions that they knew as truth.

I hear someone asking how is there innocence in all of this? I will tell you, Dear Ones. I want you to listen with your hearts.

Each human who lives on earth comes into the world where he or she is exposed to an environment that contains specific values and ideas. Those ideas are indelibly etched into the infant’s energy field. As the child grows it takes on the energetic frequencies, ideas, and beliefs of the family or cultural womb wherein it grows. In many ways the human becomes an extension, a mirror so to speak, of the values that have been in place for years. Herein lies the question of innocence.

Can the murderer truly be innocent? Can the mother who poisons her children because she cannot bear the voices in her own head be innocent? Can the people who commit you most egregious and atrocious crimes still be innocent?  I want you to take a deep breath and feel this truth. Yes.

“How can this be so?” You ask. I will tell you. When humans look at life through human eyes, you see life through causes and effects. You want to see balance from a human perspective, which in many cultures has asked a life for a life. There is a different way to see this, Dear Ones, a way of offering love and compassion to all who choose to tread in the darkest chasms on earth.

You see, from Spirit’s perspective, each person is innocent of the actions that are experienced on earth. Their journey is but an experience of their soul that allows them to know what it is like to be unloved or to be hated. There truly is no judgment from Spirit and when a soul incarnates into an environment where the potentials exist for  living a life of darkness and lack of love, it serves a purpose of mirroring the illusion on the planet. How is their innocence in this?

The love of each human’s soul is pure and innocent. When the innocent being comes to earth and incarnates into a body, that innocence is never lost. The human may feel that is lost, but it is not. That is what I want you to feel today. In all of your lifetimes, regardless of what you learned and the roles that you played, you are truly blameless for anything that has transpired within your experiences of earth. Yes I have felt the emotions and energies of these lifetimes, yet I have never, ever judged you as less than the pure love that all of you are.

Feel this with your hearts, Dear Ones, and know that the ideas you carry with you of shame and worthlessness, are nothing but illusions constructed on the game board of earth. Remember your innocence. Remember the balance that comes from accepting and allowing your heart to open to the flow of love that is who you are without human judgment. It is time, Dear Ones, to let go of the need to see yourselves as people who are enslaved to the old ways of perceiving life. They no longer serve your highest good. Know that I am with you always. Call on me, and I will assist you in opening to the higher truths of who are. Know that at your truest essence. you are beings of love, and it is so.

2 thoughts on “The Return of Innocence January 17th, 2014

  1. Cristi, I loved this chanelling. Innocence is a crucial understanding in the transition from our current belief systems into a new age of enlightenment. Spread the good news, enlightenment is coming! I read someone refer to it as full consciousness. When people find out they have the ability to awaken to full consciousness, I think many will.


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