Walk in Unity Each Day

Dear Colleagues of Light,A star shines in the background

I am Gaia and I welcome you into my loving embrace each and every day. Do you not feel it, Dear Ones? My love is always with you. Yet many of you choose not to feel the great connection that I offer each and every one of you, to connect to the energy of love that you know as Source, or as Mother/ Father God. It is a very simple love, Dear Ones, for it comprises the very essence of who you are; of who we all are as an extended family of love and light. Yes, even the plants, the animals, the elementals and divas who surround you are all family. Deep down you know that, and many of you wish to remember that connection and to celebrate the newfound remembrance with them.

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The Return of Innocence January 17th, 2014

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,a fall leaf on a sundial

I am Gaia, and I address you as such today because I want to establish the seed in your memory of understanding our deep connection to each other. Do you not feel that we truly are equals? We are family. All of us. Each person who walks on this planet is connected to each other. Hard to believe, is it not?

Many of you feel that because I am revered as the Holder of Love for the earth that I am somehow much, much grander than all of you. But that is simply not so, Dear Ones. Continue reading