September 2013

Dear Ones, I indeed am Gaia, and I am here to serve you, the Creator, and All That Is, as we move through the huge planetary transitions taking place on earth.

Going through massive changes is not easy. As you see in your world, much is transpiring that seems to suggest a regression in consciousness. That is not so, Dear Ones. The collective tolerance of force and coercion, which was once allowed to be a mainstay of your collective existence, is decreasing as each day passes. As the populace awakens and realizes the god-self within, they sense the emerging seed that sees compassion as the root of existence. As the heart opens, less tolerance exists for the ways of the past that have created division and separation between human beings.

Some believe that evil is increasing in the world and is the cause of the global turmoil taking place on the planet. The root of evil, as is defined by so many of your religions, is merely the perceptions of the lack of love behind one’s actions. Yet, the exact opposite of evil is happening now, as people no longer prefer to stay captive to darkened belief systems. The growing consciousness of love and of the value of each person is causing people to say, “This way of doing things is no longer acceptable. We want change. We want a gentler world.” As you know, there are atrocities and skirmishes taking place on earth, but the collective consciousness is saying “enough.” As more people say “enough,” that new consciousness increases.

This collective movement to higher consciousness is also affecting you on an individual level. Many of you can no longer tolerate things that you accepted only a few years ago. How many of you have made decisions and cut ties with things, ideas, and relationships that kept you prisoners of old beliefs and patterns?

It is not your imaginations, Dear Ones, that you are becoming more sensitive. Many of you are learning to perceive life with your hearts, to feel the love behind every moment of existence. Finding this unconditional love is the key to navigating through this massive time of change.

There will be those who choose to remain, for some time, with the old coercive ways. Know, Dear Ones, that they play a role that is as valued by Source, as those of you who seek to undo these same energies through the light of love. For as the enlightened souls let go of the past, and show new solutions and options to life’s quandaries, those who insist on throwing the old, coercive ways into humanity’s face, will only serve to illustrate even more clearly, just how ineffective the old ways have become.

Complete change will take time–many of your earth years. Yet each one of you can be the way-shower to yourself in each moment. I hear many of you asking, “How? Gaia, Mother; how can I give compassion when the world is cold and calloused? How am I supported when it seems that I stand alone in trying to bring love into my everyday existence?”

The answer, Dear Ones, is that the question itself is based on an illusion. Please listen with your heart. You have never, ever been separate from the Love of Source. You have never, ever walked alone on this planet, or anywhere for that matter, where the love of your soul and Source has not been with you. It is a huge illusion of earth to believe that each of you is separate from that love, because in reality, you are not separate from it at all.

So in those moments when you despair and throw your hands into the air, when you become so discouraged with life that you dread moving forward, remember your own beauty. Remember that you are already the love that you seek. It is right here in your hearts, and it welcomes you to remember that forever connection. It is only in playing the games of earth, where you believe that you have forgotten that sacred connection–the love that can really never, ever be forgotten.

Each of you is remembering that connection in your own heart and in your own sacred way. You are each remembering your connection to the earth, the elementals, and to each other. True remembrance of who you are brings you to the Heart of Unity. There, one truly feels that the physical earth and all experience within is sacred. Remembrance of unity allows a returning and the acknowledgement that all life is sacred and divinely ordered.

There is no experience on earth, no matter how difficult or dark that is not loved and honored by the Creator. There is no darkness that cannot be released into the Heart of unconditional love and acceptance found with the essence of Mother/Father God.

It is time to return to that love while walking in your bodies of flesh, Dear Ones. Human judgment often sees the darkened and barbaric ways of earth as something to be squelched and to be forced out of existence. Know that every darkened path that has strengthened the illusion of separation from divine love, has also served the bigger purpose, marking the path of humanity for a greater and even grander reunion with the true nature of your souls.

There will come a day on earth when the people will say “no more” to the ways that have fed off of division and force. It is already happening. Do not be discouraged when things do not change as fast as you would like.

Know, Dear Ones, that as you change your own thoughts, you will release your beliefs that have prevented you from knowing the unity with your own soul and your truest nature. Your individual love will strengthen your resolve to be more compassionate and more in alignment with your highest nature. When you carry more love and compassion in your own heart for yourself, the world around you will change, for you will call to you those energies that wait to assist you in your journey back to the Heart of Divine Love.

Do not be discouraged. There is always hope within the Heart of Love. No darkened element exists that cannot be unified and restored to the proper balance within the love of Mother/Father God and All That Is. Know that this same love is your birthright and is available to all who ask to know and live within this sacred truth.

Divine Love is your true essence. May you know this love each day. I support and love each of you and ask that you open each day to the love that is all around and within you.

All my love, honor, and respect,


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