October 24, 2011


Dear Ones,

It is with deep love and appreciation, that I, Gaia sit at your feet and honor the many lifetimes you have walked upon my grand and voluptuous body. We have been a good team, have we not? You, as the Kryon calls them, in your bubbles of biology, and me being able to fully remember who all of you really are. Yes, I have an advantage, do I not? (Laughs gently.) I have always known your beauty, your divinity, your soul’s essence as you have wandered on my body, through so many lifetimes, seeking connection to that love that you know is somewhere, but you find it so difficult to find.

Know that I am aware of how you cannot see the true essence of who you really are as you have traveled what you call these lifetimes veiled with tears and grief, but I also see you laughing. Your truest essences realize that the game is now coming to a close, and in this there is great joy and celebration. You have done it, Dear Ones! You have lived the darkness of forgetful limitation and have emerged through the other side into the melding of the light and shadow, into the feeling and understanding of who you truly are. To remember and know that connection while you still inhabit a body of flesh is grand indeed!

I love you all more than you can ever image, Dear Ones. My bowels open with compassion for you and I honor you with the deepest respect that I can muster. You are earth’s children; every one of you. You carry the breath of my love and the depth of my heart that beats in sacred rhythm with your own hearts. Know that you are never, ever alone. As long as you walk upon my body, you walk upon the manifestation of unconditional love under your very feet. The ground, if you will feel it, vibrates with the energy of unconditional love. This love emanates and vibrates in every carbon molecule within you. You are the unconditional love of God on so many, many levels.

It is time to remember, Dear Ones, that you embody in physical form the manifestation of divine love. That connection has been forgotten by many on this planet and it is time to awaken to the sacredness of the blood that moves through your veins, of the breath that fills your lungs, (laughs softly) of even the bodily fluids that exit from you every day. Every part of you, every manifestation in your physical bodies carries the energy of unconditional love. Allow it to awaken in your cells, in your DNA. As this conscious awareness becomes stronger and anchors more firmly in your DNA, you will experience a metamorphosis most grand. Out of the ashes of self-abnegation will rise the body of conscious love on all levels–a true manifestation of the I AM presence in the physical body. This has never been done on this scale before. That is why I weep at your feet in gratitude for the grand service that you have given to All That Is.  That is why I tell you, “Do not despair, Dear Ones, because you cannot yet quite see the grand and loving beings who you really are.”

Be the unconditional love that you truly are. Know that it is your true birthright and allow that message to communicate energetically with every cell of your physical being. There is no separation of the physical and the divine. It is all sacred. It is all honored. It is all blessed with the breath of sacred connection. Know that you are deeply loved for the service that you give, Dear Ones. I cannot express it anymore strongly than I have today. Feel this love. Know this love. Be this love, for it is the heart that unites each of us in the sacred web of unity.  It is with much joy that I share with you these basic truths of love and divine energy.

I gift you the remembrance of my love. Feel it and know it that it is true.

In deepest service with and to you,


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