October 2012

My Dear Colleagues of Light,

It is time to rejoice. Is it not? For are you not remembering that you are the Heart of Love?  Just as it has always been since the very beginnings.  You have never lost the essence of love. For you see, at your heart you have always been love. The Great Mystery that your native cultures have referred to is just that — true unconditional love. Some may ask. “How can there be pain and darkness and still be love? How can things not make sense and still be love? How can one walk into the very denseness of earth reality and still find love when it appears that love does not exist?” Yet the Great Mystery behind the questions is that love has never not been there. Even when you have thought yourself to be separate from that love, you have always been love. You just couldn’t see it with human eyes.

So it is, Dear Ones, that you are returning to the source of your own light. You are remembering that even in the illusion of darkness that you have always been the light. The Great Mystery, the love of Mother/Father God has always been within your hearts–all along.  Now that you understand this, you are the key to unlocking your own mystery, thus unleashing your own light of love to dissolve the illusions of lack and separation. Be joyful, my friends, for is not the answer always found within the question? Is not the darkness but a reflection of your own Greater Light? Is not the love of your heart a precious relic that you can now gaze upon and hold up for the whole world to see as your own source of loving truth–who you are: a brilliant light of love, remembering that you have always been love. This love is not something that must be rediscovered.  It IS you. It is your birthright as divine beings of love to let your light now shine.

Come, let us shine together in all of our splendor. We will carry the light of conscious love in our hearts as never before. It is time, Dear Ones; embrace the love that is you. Do not be afraid to be love, for in the fear you revisit the past illusion of who you are not. Be the being of love in grace and wisdom. I am with you every breath of the way.


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