November 2012

Gaia 10/9/2012

Dear Ones,

I am delighted to share with you my joys for it is a truly a time of celebration. Most of you will continue over the next year to integrate your soul body into your earth body, and yes this will continue to cause you some physical discomforts, but it is only temporary. Know that as you move into your light-bodies, the densities that have been your 3-D lower vibrational realities will begin to completely release, but in doing so your body will need to adjust to the higher consciousness of love.

Your cells, for most of you, have become accustomed to perceiving their existence as separate from love. This creates quite the set up for you when you integrate with the light of pure love. Your cells may be a bit confused, especially if you continue to manifest the belief that there must be something wrong with your body. You see, you continue to create your reality, even as your vibration rises, and if you are not completely clear about what you want and how to take advantage of the loving energies that will flow to you, you can prevent the healings from taking place, simply because of disbelief and a need to hold on to the past as a manifestation of the present. Be clear, Dear Ones. The loving energies of Source gathers round to buoy you up, yet when you continue to think as a limited consciousness being, you in essence, create a prison where you cannot see to move beyond, if you rely on your old doubts and perceptions of who you have been to shape your reality.

There are many paradoxes afoot in learning to trust in you as a divine human of light. Things do not appear as they are, for the need exists to create from a place of surrendering into the Heart of Love.  The Heart of Love is the core of your angelic being, the essence of who you are as divine beings of light. To move into the higher heart and mind of love requires effort in being so aware of your thoughts that you no longer allow them to dictate who you are from a limited consciousness being. Goddess know, we have had enough of this (laughs). The paradox lies in that to truly release the past, the future must also be released. When the future is shaped by human belief of what the past has said it should be, the future reflects that past, and it will continue to do so as long as human beings see themselves as less than the true Heart of Love. Yet, Dear Ones there can be no force behind this love. It is a gentle loving flow that is fills life in the universe with Universal Love. This love is permeating every heart on earth and asking one’s deepest heart why humanity must continue to harm one another. Even though it may seem that not much change is happening, every human heart feels this love. To some it acts as a burr to their current identity, but they are feeling it, and even those who have agreed to play with the darkest energies are beginning to soften and to remember that they too are beings of love.  Even they are beginning to ask why they prefer darkness over love.

Some of you wish that the world will change from night to day. It has in many ways, Dear Ones, yet the seeds are being planted and watered with the heart of Universal Love. To push the fruit beyond its natural time of growth would be counterproductive to releasing mass consciousness, but given the time necessary for love to grow the fruits of compassion and understanding, the harvest will be truly magnificent.

Do not be disheartened if consciousness does not rise as fast as some of you would like. There is much going on that you do not see with human eyes. And so I urge you to feel with your hearts. Each day breathe the breath of universal love and see what happens. When you encounter difficulties and are tempted to revert to old ways of judging life, breathe universal love into the moment and feel the energy change.

Know that you are conscious creators of reality. The conscious loving thoughts you think and put into reality, without agenda, strengthen the Web of Love. If only you could see as I do what is happening. It is truly miraculous. Hearts are turning to love. Compassion, like the dove of peace, is unfolding her wings and flying into the heart of all of the world’s inhabitants. We truly are the Heart of Love. Do you feel it, Dear Ones? It is there for the asking. The archangels and I gather round you waiting for you to ask for our assistance. We will fill you with love and help you to remember that you are also this love.

One day soon, your own souls will shine so brightly within your own beings that there will be little need to ask for an infusion of divine love from us, for you will know without doubt that you carry the Heart of Divine love as conscious humans on Terra Nova. Be well, Dear Friends. Know with your deepest hearts that you are love and the Heart of Love connects us all through every breath of our existence.

Go in peace and be the Heart of Love always.  I am Gaia and I approve this message.  (much laughter) Note: In the United States during election season, advertisements endorsed by poltical candidates must include, “I am [insert name] and I approve this message.” Gaia has a wonderful sense of humor.

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