May 2013

It has been a long few months, has it not? For many of you, old thoughts and beliefs have been presented to you with fervent indulgence. Why, might you ask? Because you have asked for it, Dear Ones. [Laughter] Now I do not mean this to castigate anyone. That is far from the truth. What I am saying in this is that your soul natures are asking to come through now more than ever and in order to facilitate that, some fine tuning needs to be done. Many of you do not fully understand the importance of thoughts. One of your biggest illusions perpetrated upon humanity, and yes I did say perpetrated, is the removal of responsibility for one’s thoughts. Do you realize how this one idea could change the world overnight? Thoughts have energy. You have felt them. When you walk into a room where great love is being expressed you feel it; conversely, when you enter a room full of dissension, you also feel it.

Thoughts are what keep your earth drama moving. Think about it. It truly is that simple. Your choices shape your thoughts and vice versa. When you choose to judge others as needing punishment or as being evil that is the reality that is created. If one chooses love, nonjudgment, and compassion that is also what is created. Can you imagine what would happen, Dear Ones if the tree beings started speaking to you as you do each other, yelling at you for running a red light or for allowing your dog to pee on it, or for breaking off a branch. Would you be less likely to behave in such ways if you knew that the inanimate objects could judge you like you do yourselves?

Some of you may think that this analogy is absurd, but I give it to make a point. The plants and trees, the myriad of beings, all stand around you in service to All That Is. Do they have consciousness? Yes. Do they hear and sense when you are angry or loving? Very much so. Do they sense when you are sad or despairing and then offer you their comfort unconditionally? Yes.

Do you ever wonder why you feel drawn to certain trees or to wooded areas when you are distressed? It is because they beckon to you in loving service. Yes, they listen to you carry on about the drama in your lives and they sense that is your own doing. Do they push you away as being silly? No. They love and listen, completely without human judgment for that is a construct that truly is unfamiliar to them. Are they connected to you, even when you prefer to disengage from that connection? Yes. When that happens, do they stand and tell you to open your eyes and hearts? No, they do not, Dear Ones. They simply hold the Love of Creation steady and unencumbered in their core being, mirroring back to all of you what it means to be in the moment with nonjudgment, compassion, and love.

When you mistreat them, do they feel it? Very much so, yet they forgive and seek to return to balance. The plants do not judge you as you judge each other, Dear Ones. They are free of this idea of punishment and push and pull of good and bad. They offer sustenance to all, without judgment, the same as the Creator offers unconditional love to all–without judgment.

It is your human selves, your generations of human thoughts that have separated you from this love for so many life-streams. Thoughts do have power, for in those thoughts, the human returns to the compassion and love of Sacred Unity. It has been a long, long time since the energy of true unity has truly graced the beings on this planet. The roots of that change are now being planted by people and your star brothers and sisters all across this beautiful earth. Are there still old thought forms that need to be released? Yes. You know them well, but they are moving and as the weeks pass. Each of you feels the Heart of Love beating more purely in your being, do you not?

The changing times ask for you to allow your thoughts to become more pure to allow the flame of love to anchor into your hearts and to move outwards with each deep conscious breath as compassion and love. Judgment, blaming the old energies of good and bad, truly has no place in creating higher energies. Some of you become confused with discernment and judgment. Understanding why something does not support loving energies is very different than labeling a person as evil or stupid because one does not agree with them. The need to annihilate the other person when there have been disagreements has been at the root of much angst on the planet for eons. That is slowly coming to a close, Dear Ones. You are moving into a time where humans will truly listen to and respect each other.

Even though disagreements will occur, beings will be respected as equals and the days of needing to separate and divide life into haves and have nots, enlightened and unenlightened, conquerors and conquered, will slowly pass away. You are setting the groundwork for these changing energies. The time is now to examine your thoughts and to ask yourself if each thought inspires love and compassion. It doesn’t matter if the thought is for self or others, if it is not of unconditional love, it is not of higher energies. That is when choice comes into play.

There have been many dramas that have taken place on my body because humans have gone into fear and judgment. A new dawn is emerging that asks all to be the heart of compassion in new ways, that asks that each person be responsible for each thought that is given voice. With each thought that chooses compassion over fear, anger, and judgment, the way opens for greater love and change to become the new reality of earth. Go in peace my beloveds. My heart is with you always. Call upon me for I know your true nature. –Gaia

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