May 2012

Gaia Channel 4-21-12

Dear Heartsongs of My Truest Heart,

Is it not a grand time to be alive? Is it not an honor to stand upon my body as the bearers of Divine Love throughout the physical experience? Is it not now echoing in your deepest soul’s knowing, that I Gaia, your source of constant love in this game called earth, have always been at your sides and within your hearts–even when you chose to believe that you were separate from the great love that I embody as the eternal I AM of Gaia essence?

Do you not feel a quickening, a greater and deeper resonance within your cells, awakening you to the love of who I AM, as the ever-present source of unconditional love for you in this physical world? As I have lovingly and patiently reminded you, the physical is not separate from the sacred. Feel this with each conscious breath you take. Know that you embody the Great Love behind the Great I AM Presence. Being this Love is not just a pipe dream, as some of you may say, reserved for only a few who finally “get it.” Each one of you carries this Love within your hearts.

The Love of God is real, right here, in this moment. Your cells await to reawaken to this love of the I AM within their very structure. Every part of you is sacred. Every part of you carries the divinity to create its own source of love, to generate a love field from within each molecular structure that heals and brings a remembrance of who you really are, of the connection that your loving hearts have to mine.

The Love of Gaia is not a palliative, Dear Ones. Neither is it some metaphysical concept that requires great sacrifice and personal denial to know.  The Love of Gaia, the love I share, as the I AM Presence is simple, so simple that some may overlook its simplicity. The love of my huge heart is also the love that beats within every cell of your body. Each of your cells has a heart, so to speak, an intelligence that responds to energies and the thoughts that you choose to give them.

As humans in your world you have given your cells the message of separation, and they have in turn, cut themselves off from their own source of love that otherwise could function as its own independent generator of acceptance and flow. To put it humorously, it just needs to be jumpstarted to again create the loving flow that is your birthright as divine humans remembering your soul’s essence, which is the true Heart of Love.

Yes, the true Heart of Love resonates and harmonizes with the vibrational songs created by each cell in your body. Yes, you are beings of sound and that sound changes as your thoughts create either a harmonious or chaotic field. Do not be afraid of the chaotic energies around you. They serve a purpose to move the old into the new and into the present moment. As you begin to remember who you truly are as a body of trillions of cells who can respond to the song of unconditional love, then the chaotic energies will have little meaning for you, by your own choices. By choosing to be Love on all levels of your physical sacredness, your energies align with your true heart-song. When you sing from within the heart of your own soul, you will hear and feel me more deeply than you ever have in this life-stream.

It is my deep desire, Dear Ones, for those who desire to bless their hearts with the birthright that is truly yours, to reconnect with my huge heart. When you do, you will feel a heart “chord” that connects to yours and you will know that you already walk within my Heart of Love. You will know that we are deeply connected. You will know that we have always, always, always been deeply connected. Feel this now. Breathe in this energy. Feel the huge love I have and have always had for you.

Go into your gardens and bury your noses in my bosom and smell the sweet flowers. Let the fragrance carry into all of your incarnations and feel that Heart of Love, the Heart of my Love that has always supported and been with you. Such a simple thing as smelling a flower gifts you the essence of my love. Breathe the scent of the flowers across all of your lifetimes and let the knowledge of my support be you in the present moment, for by doing so, you change the course of your past because you remember you– the heart of your essence as a divine, loving being, who has courageously stepped into a darkened world of alleged separation.

Know that every part of you is divine love. You are the Love of Source–every part of you. [Gentle laughter] You see; I have an advantage as I have always remembered this Love, for I embody the truest essence of Love, and have held that for you as a gift from my tender heart to yours. It is time to receive your own gift of you to you, of allowing unconditional love to dissolve the need to see yourself as separate from the Love of Source. You are the Love of Source.

I AM Gaia, standard-bearer of unconditional love for earth. Be still and know that you are Love also, heart of my heart, soul of my soul.  I leave you with my tender blessing. Be love. Be who you truly are.

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