March 2013

My Beloved Friends and Colleagues, I come to you today as your sister, as your mother, and yes even as your lover–for those of you who enjoy the sensuality of my body in many forms. Is it not ecstatic for you to fully feel into the heart of my being, to connect with the great bounty that courses through my vast and voluptuous body? Then you understand on an intimate level that my own body is a microcosm of the universe, just as your own bodies reflect the same love and physical wonder as a mirror of what you walk upon and take into your own bodies for sustenance.

Do you not sense how we are all deeply connected? Is it not a wonder that the processes of the planet allow life for so many? Is it not a wonder that the trees and grasses, the fishes, the insects never ask you to be grateful for the service that they give to you, yet they offer their service every single second to each one of you on this planet? Do they see their service with human ego? You already know the answer. They allow the connection to be, as it is for all of you. What a beautiful example of the gift of how the energies of creation are given in their purest forms on earth.

The plants and animal kingdoms exist without judgment. Sometimes you like to place your own ideas onto them, but they continue to serve you, knowing that not all humans appreciate what they do for you. Does it matter to them that many humans do not remember who they are and do not honor the connection–the sacred connection that is the Web of Life that truly supports every being on the planet? Yes, at times they sorrow in their hearts and long for the time, like it once was, when the human beings on the planet remembered the sacred connection, where all was seen as sacred–each breathe shared with equal honoring and gratitude.

Remember, Dear Ones, when the air was so thick with the Love of Creation that there was no question that you were connected to the great Love of Source. Remember? I want you to take a deep breath with me and to feel that remembrance, for it is truly your birthright. Reconnecting is as simple as asking for the remembrance of the connection to Source that moves beyond the illusion of being separate from it. As I have told you before, the illusion is that you have been separate from the Love of Source, when in reality; you have never, ever been separate from this Love. In that love is the truest reality of human life.

The illusion, Dear Ones, is that you have thought yourselves to be separate from the Love of Creation and there is nothing farther from the truth. Feel this love within your hearts. Know that every particle within your physical bodies is a vibrant manifestation of this love, and it is brimming with potentials for feeling this connection, as you never have before in this lifetime. Allow this love to emanate from every cell. Allow the love of the universe to be you –now in this very moment, each atom bearing witness that it is truly the Heart of Love. This is such a sweet, sweet truth. Open your hearts and minds to this love that is you on every level, Dear Ones. It is time to stop fighting the illusions you have held within your bodies and cells that you are separate from the Love of Source. You are One with the Love of ALL That IS. Allow this knowledge to return into your physical lives as a sacred balm that will heal you in ways that you have not dreamed. It is that simple, Dear Ones. Allow yourselves to be the love of Creation from the smallest particles outwards until it fills your entire body. Feel the connection, as like the universe, your body’s structures awaken to the universal love that holds and nurtures the physical structure of Creation.

There is no need to see yourself as separate from that any longer. That is what the trees and nature beings wish for you to remember. They serve as living examples of living life without judgment, of allowing the love of Creation to course through their bodies, simply as the profound and loving energies of home, right here, right now on earth. Can you allow yourselves to release the old ideas of disease and separation and to reclaim your birthright as a total being of love? It is possible and the time is now to allow for the golden balm of love to emanate outward and to declare that you are truly home as a being of divine love in a physical body. May it be so, Dear Ones. Know that I love you and support you always. –Gaia

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