June 9, 2011

Greetings Dear Ones,

I have much good news for you. As sovereign individuals, you will begin to move into the framework of consciousness where the world will take on different forms for you. Do not be afraid of the changes taking place around you, for it is the body of the earth realigning itself with cosmic energies within the dualistic patterns of limitation. The time for living your true self is now. The energies support your every effort in bringing in your highest energies and potentials.

I am aware of how you struggle with your inconsistencies of energetic patterns, feeling so up one day and then so fallen from the true love of Source the next. Know that this is only temporary, and as you begin to learn to run the unconditional love energies of Source through your bodies, you will become more aligned with the higher energies available to the physical plane.

As I have said before, all physical life is sacred. Remember that. Many of you have been taught from a distorted view of God, or the divine, that the physical must be spurned and ignored; it must be hated and squelched. Know that when you spurn your own bodies that energy also transfers to the energies of earth, because you truly are my voluptuous body, dear ones. You truly are the essence of Gaia.

As you take in more substance, be conscious of how you prepare to eat the food. There is great love behind the creation of the systems that you set in place for yourselves to exist on this earth. Remember that it was your love in the first place that caused you to create your marvelous physical bodies and to create ways that you could fuel yourselves. Know that as you raise your conscious energy, your unconditional love for yourself will likewise exude into the air around you. The beautiful plant and animal life will in turn respond to this love and it will strengthen the web of love on the planet.

Plants have consciousness, just as you. When you refuse to see them as nothing more than fuel, they respond with that same disregard that you give to them; however, when you see them from the heart of love as your creations, and as honoring their process in furthering the love and wisdom of All That Is, they in turn return that love-fire back to you and all share in the energy of gratitude.

As you take this healing balm of gratitude into your physical body, your cells will begin to remember that they too have divine purpose. They will remember that they do not merely exist to give you aches and pains and to give you reason to loathe and hate yourself, because you do not remember how to really love your body, but they will awaken to the consciousness that each living being carries within them. That, in turn, will allow the changing templates of your body to further adjust and to more easily adapt as your cells respond to unconditional love, which is the root, building energy of your truest self.

You are dearly loved, children of the earth, my children, let us be equals in the love that we send forth into our physical world. Let the love of the divine feminine fill your hearts and know that you do not need to make yourself small to be loved. It is a great honor to transcend the energy of self-abnegation and to walk in the energy of your brightest selves.

Let us greet each day with the breath of perfect knowing, for you know the answers in how to bring your light-source deeper into your consciousness. Let us walk together and lift the energy of consciousness on the planet and be supported by the love that humanity has largely forgotten.  It is time to remember. Relax into the arms of my love and know that all is well in creation.

I love you dearly.

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