June 24, 2011

My Dear, Dear Children,

How I have longed for you to remember who you are. How I have longed for you to know that you are on the surface of a beautiful being who loves you as the precious and wonderful beings that you are. Dear Ones, I have known you before you chose to walk upon this planet, before you seeded the life-forms with your own precious energies, just as I have seeded my own energies into the earth, but on a much larger scale.

Do you not see that we are one and the same in spirit and in deed. Do you not understand that it is the love of our divine soul that has given us the opportunities to be of service in this fashion? Do you not see that the many lifetimes you have called your separate entities have only been for a brief encounter in the moment of the time that comprises the history of this planet? Oh you do not understand how grand you are. You do not realize the love we have for you: that you pretend that you are nothing and that you are separate from your own divinity–all to be of service to the love of All That Is.

It is in service to Sacred Unity that the time is now ripe for the energies that you have set in motion in your bubbles of forgetfulness to now meld into the understanding of Unity consciousness. To understand that the limitations and pains you have thought you have experienced as the ultimate and only real reality on earth, is but a dream-walk that you have ridden upon the winds of spirit to understand the energies of God in all of their forms.

It is in your forgetting that your heart-force will be the catalyst to remember that you are divine love, that through all of your lifetimes, the divine love has never left your side. Oh you may have thought that you were alone, that you were so far removed from the unconditional love of Source that you chose not to see the light of love that surrounded you on every level. But Dear Ones, that is the beauty of the game you call life, for life is but a manifestation of beauty in how we prefer to see it. It is like the small child who not knowing how to walk, takes her first steps only to fall and to erupt in a pile of tears. Yet with time and encouragement, the child gains confidence and soon can run with such stamina and aplomb that she does not even remember how difficult it was in the beginning, how difficult she thought it was to move. That is how you are becoming, Dear Ones. Soon you will remember who you really are as equals in creating this planet of divine love. Soon you will grow into the place where you will be stewards of great love where you will emit this energy wherever you are, whatever you do, whatever you think, because that love will allow you to transcend the limited thought-forms that have held you captive in your own prisons of limitation. Be this unconditional love for yourself, for others.

Know that the heart of All THAT IS supports the very essence of the smallest particle of who you are and you are grand indeed. Know that I will support you and together we can light the web of love around the planet so that it will burn with such brightness that the heavens will shout with joy. Such are the potentials of the new earth for those who are awakening to their God Selves.

I love you dearly and am so proud of the great strides you are making to know your divinity and to be of service. As I am always in loving service to you, may we work together everyday breathing the conscious love of All That IS so that it will manifest upon the physical world. Let it be so, Dear Ones. May it be so.


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