June 22, 2011


Dear Ones,

It is a momentous occasion that we can begin to work together as co-creators in the new energy. I, Gaia, have waited for this time when I can begin to gift you the endowments and knowledge to hold the energy of unconditional love for the planet. It is in this energetic alignment with your core essence that you will begin to understand who you really are, that you have created this world, and on a very true and deep sense love this planet and desire the highest outcomes that will benefit your world and all of creation.

It is sometimes difficult for you to understand how you can be so grand as to have created the ground upon which you walk, but it is true, Dear Ones, for I have been with you since the very beginning, as we planned and created this world. I came down as a sovereign being to infuse my energy into the beautiful planet and to anchor in the energies of divine love and to remind you on a fundamental level that you are that love. All of physicality is divine love. There is not separation from that love.

Is it not a wonderful thing, to begin to understand that you are the root energy of Creation? You are not separate from it, at all. You are also that divine and unconditional love.

Now, you may not understand that so well at this time, Dear Ones, because you have seen yourselves as separate from that love for so many lifetimes, but that knowledge is returning. And if you open to that seed of love, it will burst forth and fill you with much joy.

As an equal you will come to know me as your sister and friend, as your support through all of your lifetimes. You will come to see that I have always loved you in immeasurable ways, and will always be there for you. As you become more aware of your God Self and begin to understand how your thoughts create your reality, you will turn more of your energies to creating love on the planet, of creating ways that support the functions of my great body, instead of fighting against it. As you begin to understand who you are, you will understand who I AM, as sovereign individuals, yet as part of the great whole, which will meld the energies of consciousness to incorporate the actions of divine love. That, my Dear Ones is how you can begin to assist me in carrying more of the energy of the planet.

And so it is.


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