June 2013

Dear Ones, I want you take a deep, deep breathe with me, deeper than any breath you have ever taken. Breathe it in though your heart and allow the energy to gather into the area of your lower abdomen. Breathe and then allow the feeling of deep connection to expand around you and deep into my body. Feel into it and allow the movement to fill you with sacred connection. Know that this energy is at the root of your existence. Feel the love that is you, that is your neighbor, the love that is the beautiful soul who plays the role of the beggar on the street corner, or of the drunken driver who spends her time in jail for causing an accident that took the life of a child. Some may ask how the Creator asks you to love all people, extending compassion to everyone. How can you possibly do it? Yet, do not your great religions teach that the Creator loves all people unconditionally? Why have their beliefs encouraged the opposite? The truth, Dear Ones, is that all are equally loved by the Creator, regardless of their actions, regardless of their beliefs. It is time, Dear Ones, to forgive, to begin to put the labels and ways of separation aside that prevent you from seeing the other as an expression of yourself– as a fellow human, an expression of a beloved soul having a human experience–to ask why differences must be feared and used as a reason to push away from the other. You are all family. The Heavenly Councils are calling each of you to become and to embody the Heart of Love–not tomorrow, but today, in this moment. As humans you create a perplexing dynamic for yourselves. You often say you desire peace on earth, yet your judgments prevent that very thing. Your human minds place labels on behaviors. You often refer to things as right or wrong or good or bad. Over centuries you have chosen to place barriers that get in the way of understanding the human heart. When you decide that someone is unlovable for what they have done in your societies and cultures, you predetermine how you will perceive them. You then cut yourself off from the chance to offer love and compassion because you already judge them as less than what you tell yourself you may be capable of doing. Yet, you do not realize that by allowing yourself to see these beings as unworthy of love and compassion that you also restrict yourself from experiencing unconditional love. Why? Because you judge the other as less worthy or deserving of the Creator’s love. Yet, in your many life streams, you too have chosen expressions where you have killed and been killed, robbed and been the robber, and have been the corrupt saint or the revered martyr. Regardless of the role you have played, Dear Ones, it does not change the fact that you have always been an expression of unconditional love at the soul level. In the bigger picture, the human rules of earth simply do not matter, for those rules are what make up the game that you play so well. When you realize, Dear Ones, that even those who have chosen to kill many people with bombs, who have taken lives and caused so much suffering, when you can truly feel in your true hearts that each person is loved unconditionally by the Creator, it changes everything. Everything. Feel that with me. When you feel the Creator’s love for those who you call society’s monsters, then you also know that every part of you is also loved unconditionally by the Creator. That is when true healing begins and the circle becomes complete. When all are loved, it opens the doors for true compassion. Then the ideas of right and wrong, of shaping the collective need to see people as evil, eventually will melt away. Then it will be easier for humans to begin to listen to each other as honored beings upon the planet. It will dissipate the illusion that perpetuates seeing reflections of yourselves as people who are disconnected from the Web of Love. I want you to feel into this, now. No matter what people do as human beings, they are never truly disconnected from the love of who they are as souls. Believing that one is disconnected from love is at the heart of the illusions of earth, but that is beginning to change now. I have seen too many life expressions where battles and mayhem have taken place, yet I have never, ever withdrawn my love and compassion from the human experience. Why? Because I embody the bigger and whole picture of Creation. If I had failed to do so, I would not have fulfilled my role as Keeper of Unconditional Love upon this sphere of existence. Even in those life streams when you felt most disconnected from my love, I have held unconditional love and compassion for you. I invite you to feel into this truth. Bring your many lifetimes into your consciousness and allow yourself to feel the unconditional love that I have always held for you. Do you feel this awareness shifting things? You are not mistaken. By bringing in the remembrance of love into the present moment and allowing it to enter into your other life streams, it creates a wave that transverses across time and heals the old wounds. Take a deep breath and feel it again. Take a breathe of air that embodies unconditional love and savor it as it fills you with its healing essence. It is that simple to be the Love of Creation, Dear Ones. Place yourself within the awareness that you are already there and realize, simply that it is where you are. I have always supported the beings of earth, bitter enemies as well as friends. Was it hard for me to feel the waves of hatred, despair, and anger that you all have played out upon me, to feel the energies of rage moving into my body as humans lay dying on the battlefield? Yes. I would lie if I said otherwise, yet there is no judgment, as the role I have willingly played has served to further the purpose of Creation–to allow a greater understanding of the meaning of the Creator’s Love. That love reawakens now within each of your hearts. Feel it, Dear Ones. I have always held the mantle of ultimate compassion and unconditional love for the beings of earth. I hold no judgment for the roles that you all play upon me. Do you not remember that each soul is precious to me, that each soul is precious to the Creator; that each human expression is indeed a loved and valued expression of the love of their soul? It is truly beautiful. Feel. Feel. Feel this with all of your heart. Feel the love that Creation has for the human who plays the role of a drug addict, for the person who likewise sits in jail as the human punishment for his or her actions. Take a few seconds and allow yourself to put aside the human judgment and to feel their sacred worth. Do you feel how they are loved by the Creator unconditionally? Feel the love that many have said does not exist for these humans. Feel the love that bathes the air you breathe with acceptance, compassion, and support for every human who walks upon this blessed earth. Feel this love for you. Do you not feel, Dear Ones, the connection of love and compassion that equally supports and honors all of you. There is no judgment by Source of who you are as humans. There is no judgment of your souls as to who you are and what you do. Some have been misled by the mistruth that humans are nothing. Your religious institutions have grown the ideas that humans are not inherently sacred and do not inherently contain the seeds of love within their own hearts. Yet I tell you that those seeds of love await you, already within, and if allowed, their own sacred essence will burst into fragrant blooms of love and into a sure, indescribable knowing that the human being is the love of God incarnate. Feel it. Dear Ones. Center your awareness into your heart and allow that love to grow. Do not force it with your mind, just feel it swirling and growing within your own heart Every being on earth contains this seed of love in their hearts. Your indigenous peoples and many who have followed the Buddhist ways, understand the power of the heart. They understand that at its root is the true connection to every human being on earth. They understand that by allowing the Love of Creation to enter into one’s body and to expand outward, that it opens portals within one’s own being that allow greater healing and an unspoken connection with all life. Your hearts are beautiful vessels, Dear Ones. Do you not realize the heart’s power to change your reality? Last month we talked about the power of thought in shaping one’s world. Yet that is only part of the picture, the twin energy, so to speak, of creating connection from the heart. When one acts from the heart, the heart is allowed to speak first before the mind interprets the communication. Dear Ones, there is no reason to be confused by this, aside from the fact that you have been taught to believe the opposite for many years. How many times have you heard to think through a problem as the only viable solution, being told that allowing yourself to feel creates weakness? Nothing could be farther from the truth. The heart transcends the need to be right and listens with respect. The heart listens with compassion and honor for all. The true heart allows the love of self to be as healthy and strong as one’s love for another person. The true heart listens to the quiet flow. It finds connection without force. It is the heart of the Creator’s breath that moves without end, through every being and creation, filling this earth and universe. The true heart is everything. The true heart is you. Feel it in your core being, Dear Ones. Feel the breath that is the Creator, the true essence of Mother/ Father God. Let it fill your soul–with the loving, benevolent, compassionate, totally accepting love that is you at your essence– that is you, as the human who walks within the veil of forgetfulness. It is time to remember, Dear Ones. It is time to remember what it means to be the love that is who you truly are. Breathe in the huge and expansive love that fills the universe, but yet is so intimately subtle that it can fill every atom in your body without you even being aware of it. Beautiful, is it not? You are literally alive with the Love of the Creator moving through you. Breathe. Feel. Allow this love to help you to remember who you are. I am always with you. In loving service–Gaia.

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