July 2013

Balance, Dear Ones. Balance. It is a such a simple word, but not so well understood by humanity. What does true balance mean, you may ask? Your indigenous peoples have long held the secret to balance. Energies exist both within and without that shape your perceptions of life. It is folly to pay more attention to the inner over the outer, or vice versa. The inner and outer worlds both shape your experiences of earth. All aspects of your earthly experience are sacred.

Forces constantly come at you that shape your world, and often you find yourself pulled back into drama or fearing that life may once again rise up and leave you hurting and wanting for security, safety and love. So where does balance play a part in all of this? Balance is choosing to be right where you are in every moment that presents itself. Yes, it means when you learn that a mistake has caused your checking account to be overdrawn, that you allow the frustration to manifest, and you feel it, but then you also choose to let it go in that same moment. That is where balance comes into play, Dear Ones because you do not remain in the angst of blaming self or others, but choose instead to see what has happened as experience. Letting the drama go allows you to release a type of self- judgment that otherwise would serve to weaken your love of self and cause you to feel distanced from the awakening seed within your own heart. The truth is Dear Ones, that even in your moments of greatest frustration, you are always, always connected to the universal flow of love.

You see, Dear Ones that the plants and nature, the tree, the grasses, the winds, the waters that cleanse this earth all function within the heart of balance. They allow life to flow through them as beings of love, who are so firmly held within the universal truth that they are indeed seeds of the great Creative Force of the universe, that it is all that they emanate. They do not, as do so many humans, create a different world, so to speak, where the ideas of good or bad create a false paradigm. In this false world, based on human thought, which sees life as extremes, true unconditional love is squelched or impeded because of the human’s need to define and control his or her existence.

It is simple Dear Ones, when you understand the true nature of universal love. It never asks that it be controlled. It flows with a grace that does not need human thought to manipulate it or to try and send it off on a more loving journey. That would be silly would it not? You can experience no greater love than the love of our Mother/Father God filling each breath that you take, each drop of water that you drink, each human-based thought as a surrendering to the flow of love that transcends the human definitions of your world. That is balance, Dear Ones.

To let go of the need to shape the unconditional love of the Creator into human constructs is balance in its truest form. Can you not see that within the soul of every human being who exists on earth lies the potential to be the Heart of Love.  The potential exists for all to return to their truest roots as the loving flow of the universe, and to exist within that love, purely and simply, as it is.

I know that some of you are asking, what is universal love? It is a great and beautifully powerful love that never forces its will upon another. Universal love allows the existence of free will, even at the expense of people misunderstanding on fundamental levels what truly comprises the universal love of All That IS. I want you to feel this true, unconditional love within you. Take a deep breath of this love. Open to the true understanding that universal love is so much more than you remember or can even fathom as awakening humans, yet you know that these seeds are growing within you. The love of All That Is knows no boundaries set by the human mind. It is the love that allows the darkness as an expression of light to flow so that the answers to questions of great importance can be answered. Each of you has chosen to be on earth, to be in a state of imbalance, due to human consciousness.  You are deeply loved and honored for the service and knowledge that your experiences are bringing to All That Is.

Yes the earth indeed responds to human consciousness. How many of you feel a quickening when you are in nature now, beyond what you previously experienced? Do you not feel a greater connection, a greater camaraderie of love and appreciations for those beings who have always shared the balanced flow of unconditional love with you? It does not matter that you have forgotten that connection in your collective past, for it has also served a divine purpose. Do you not truly rejoice that you are remembering more and more the grateful connection that you have with all of the children, kingdoms, and beings of earth?

The next time you go out into nature take a few minutes to offer gratitude to the elements and plant beings, the devas and the fairies, who share your world.  Acknowledge them, thank them for helping to hold the energies of unconditional love on the planet, even when most humans have forgotten their service. Feel the love that they have for you and know that you share the luminous web of light that fills this planet, but of which many humans have been unwilling to see and feel. As you acknowledge their loving service stay open, feel what they have to tell you. You will know their gratitude, as well–that their brothers and sisters are beginning to connect with them again.

It is true that as more and more humans honor the balanced love of earth, the love that supports all beings upon the planet, the vibration of earth will also rise. When you commune with a tree or with a beautiful flower, or lay your hand upon the cool rounded edge of a granite rock, trust what you are feeling. Yes, the beings indeed are communicating with you, whispering that there is no longer need to fear the rules of earth– for the universal laws of Creation always provide for those who allow that love to flow through them as their own sovereign source of love.

Be in greater love, Dear Ones. Return to the heart of love that is your birthright. See how different it feels to be that heart of love in the flesh–the other I AM.

I send you my fondest blessings,


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