January 2013

Dear Ones,

It is important to understand that in the New Energy, the paradigms and parameters of the reality you have known as the old way of earth will no longer support the denser energies of strife and dependency on others for one’s own authority. This paradigm of giving one’s power away to institutions, or being told how to think and navigate one’s life as a slave to a belief system will eventually fall away to a greater understanding and love for self.

You see over many centuries earth has allowed experiences that have squelched the value of the individual in creating one’s reality from a place of joy and prosperity. The paradigms set in place by human thought have largely functioned to dim and you might even say, in using one of your popular phrases, to dumb down the consciousness of the divine human.

It is imperative at this point in time that you serve yourself, Dear Ones. There is nothing wrong with allowing the light of your hearts and minds to shine without the consensus and validation of those around you. In fact Spirit ask differently of you now in the new paradigm. The new paradigm asks you to release your past as a collective consciousness that in a sense became its own entity. So much of what you have told yourselves of who you are as humans is based on the idea that you must reflect each other’s worth back to each other. And when you were taught to seek love outside of yourself, that mirroring did not work so well for you did it? It never filled the hole within your own hearts because you did not know where to look, Dear Ones.

These are exciting times now on earth. Take a deep breath with me and feel how the energy has changed, how it is now in place to support you in loving the truest essence of your soul. Loving yourself with the love of your soul is the key to unraveling the mystery of self-love. You have been taught for so many years that you had to fit within certain rules of society or to be successful in order to be someone, yet when you achieved these things in your lives, many of you still felt empty, because you looked for love outside of yourselves. It is nothing to feel shame about, as it was part of the structure of earth, the old earth that reveled in creating the illusion of separation and division.

So how are things different now that the 12-21-12 has passed? Not much yet everything. Yes it is another paradox. I love to point them out as they bring depth to life to see the nuances and the twists and turns that make you stretch and go within to find your own answers to things that often conflict the old ways of perceiving life. What is the paradox? It is found in the fact that you must let the old ways of thinking completely go in order to step into the new paradigm of loving self-unconditionally, When you see yourself with the eyes of your past it creates a wall which you often stumble against in attempting to move beyond who you have thought you were. Where your love of self has been largely conditional in the old energy , it required looking at self with many comparisons to others where you told yourselves that you were better or less than, and often flawed and wanting in some way. And those thoughts and beliefs, as long as you hold onto them become a barrier to you in moving into the New Energy of earth.

You cannot continue to judge and condemn, even yourself, and move into the energy of unconditional love and acceptance. It is a universal law that unconditional love heals all thought-forms and densities of lower vibrational thinking. It is complicated if you want to make it that way, or that simple. Be unconditional love, Dear Ones, it is the answer that you seek and what will allow you to sing with the truest songs of your souls. Do you not hear the melody of the soul-filled human creating greater vibrations and harmonies on earth? The structure is already here for you to do this, to make this shift, Dear Ones. Always be love in your heart and minds and the shackles of old beliefs will fall from your body and you will see with the True Heart of Love, which is also my Heart, for we are all the Heart of One. Is it not a beautiful thing to embrace? Be well my waking beloveds. Be love always.

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