December 2013

My Dear Colleagues of Light,

I am Gaia, sister and friend, mother and protector, lover and defender. I am all of these, am I not, and so are you. How is that so; you may ask?

Let me tell you a story. Long ago the earth was fresh with life. The plants and animals were perfect in form and integrity. All creatures upon the earth, including the developing humanoid species, knew their connection to Divine Source. The idea of being separate from that Source did not even exist. It would not be introduced into human consciousness until many, many years later.a red leaf

Was this lack of connection an accident? No, it was not. You might ask how can a forgetting of one’s one worth, of one’s own connection to Divine Source, be sacred? That is a good question to ask yourselves. How could believing that one is separate from love be sacred? Does not the building of love comprise the highest energies on earth? How can allowing the idea of being separate from that love do any good? How can that separation be in alignment with the highest purposes of earth?

I want you to feel this with me. Go back through the many lifetimes that you have lived on this planet. Go back to the time when you knew that connection so intrinsically, where you trusted it, as something that was always a part of you. Can you feel that love moving through you? Can you remember that you never questioned that loving connection; that you never doubted that is was just there, always? Can you feel that love truly was in every part of your existence?

You ask how is this a story? Aren’t stories made up? Yes, that is true, but stories are also based upon the ideas of human experience. They are used to teach values and morals and to further human ideas of what is good or bad. Do they not? Know that what is playing out on the planet is a story and it is a grand story at that. Over the many years that have passed since this time where love was centered in each person’s being, you have allowed much angst and strife to occur upon the planet. It has served a purpose in that it has shown you what it is like to believe that you are not loved and to further the illusion that you are separate from the Love of Source.

Understand, Dear Ones, that even though the wars have raged, and religious institutions have emerged which have taught that the love of god is outside of yourself, you have never been separate from the love of Source– never. Yes the illusion has been allowed to persist that you are separate, but when the bed pillows are tucked back in place and people are allowed to truly see the grand plan of earth, you will realize that the love of Source has never diminished. It has nourished you for centuries. Even during your darkest times, of collective choice in moving deeper into the illusion of that separation, the love of Source has never dimmed. Your truest essence as beings of love, even through all of these forays into the darkest darks has never diminished.

We, and I speak of those who work closely with earth, honor each and every one of you. Long ago, you each agreed to move into an energy that was so foreign to your true identity as beings of love, that it eventually caused you to doubt your very worth. Know, Dear Ones, that you are always, always loved. Know that at your truest essence you are the love of God incarnate. As difficult as this may seem to some of you, it is true. Allow this seed of truth to grow within your heart and soon you will feel the fruits of that love.

It is not necessary for humankind to grovel in excuses of victimhood any longer. It is not necessary for people to see their neighbors as threats or as objects to be feared. Within the heart of each human on earth, no matter how scarred they are by life, lies the capacity to love. That seed never dies, Dear Ones. Nurture it; ask for it to open more and more in your own hearts. Learn to see your neighbor as a being who desires love and stability just like you. Have the courage to say, “Enough of these ways that divide and separate us in fear from each other. Let us find love and connection. Let us let go of repeating the past ways that have caused us to fear each other.”

The time is now, Dear Ones to be love in new ways; yet in these new ways, it is simply a returning to the love of those days when each being remembered their sacred connection to the love that permeates all of Creation. It is time to remember the sacred call of Unity that sees all beings as equally loved, honored and respected by the Creator. It is time to remember the connection that brings hearts together and does not divide. It is time to truly remember that that love is inside each of you, every second of every day. There is no illusion in embracing the love the Creator within your own being. Its love is boundless and knows no fear; for fearing to love is but an illusion perpetuated by the grand games of earth. It is time, Dear Ones, to love, to return to that love and to expand it into the present moment.

Do not fear when life around you seems to implode. Be the love that is your birthright and you will see with greater clarity how to unravel the chains that have held your traditions and peoples captives to their own fears. There is no fear in love, Dear Ones. There truly is not and when love creates a heart-wave others feel that, and it is real and it changes lives, simply because more love is allowed into one’s existence. Love does not confine or limit the expression of the other, but trusts each person’s capacity to be love itself.

Know that I stand by each of you and my love for you is deep and honors the sacredness within each of your beings. May we continue in loving service, Gaia.

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