February 2013

My Dear Beloved Colleagues of Light,

It has been an interesting couple of months for many of you. Indeed, I say for all of you reading this. On one hand you are integrating more and more energies from the crystalline realms, taking them into your bodies and allowing the frequencies of earth to change within your very cellular structure. This can seem disruptive at times as your cells vibrate a different frequency from what they have known. Do you not see, Dear Ones that although the major shifts of 12/21/12 have passed, there are still energies that are shifting and changing within you?

Many of you thought that the shift into higher consciousness would be immediate, but you have found that not to be the case. Yet, you feel the energies of Source more deeply within your being and you feel a quickening of energies and communications, on both etheric and cellular levels, that are allowing bridges of communication to happen in your body as never before. Indeed your DNA is returning to the level that it once knew during the times of Lemuria. The Kryon has so beautifully expressed this process to all of you. Now you wonder why you feel unsettled at times and do not feel like you are grounding in the same way. It is precisely because you are not. The old ways of centering into the energies no longer have the same effect. True you can feel more of your core essence, combined with a deeper connection to your ancestral Heritage of Light and to your star family. You are being asked to ground in the light of your being in new ways, bringing in the conscious energy of who you truly are as divine love and light, totally into your bodies now on a conscious level.

Bringing in the light leaves little room for dabbling in denser energies. Many of you have found that when you have returned to, let’s say your patterns of old 3-D drama with others, your body can simply no longer tolerate it as it once did. This is why Dear Ones, that engaging in drama is becoming more and more unpalatable for those who have chosen to walk as bodies of light upon the earth. Is it not a grand blessing to feel the increasing awareness of life that flows all around, of the connection to every breath of love that permeates this grand planet like a beloved cosmic mantle? For so long Dear Ones, you have forgotten this connection–not all, for there have been many of what you call your indigenous peoples who have offered a grand service to all of you by remembering this sacred connection. Thank them. Do not despise them. For they have allowed the flow of life to continue through their gratitude and honoring the Web of Life.

You see, Dear Ones, those who have been the keepers of the ancient secrets have never seen, have never experienced the world as anything other than sacred. They have never forgotten that connection. The living connection likewise has not been forgotten in their hearts. As the consciousness of humanity increases, so will the connection within each of your hearts. It is natural to be connected to all of life, do you not see this, Dear Ones? It is unnatural to see yourself as separate and distanced from the sacred Web of Being that creates the infrastructure of the physical world on which you live.

You are as much dependent on the trees for life as they are on you. Do you not see and feel the loving connection that exists all around you? The plants offer their loving service to you. How much is their love increased when you acknowledge that love within your own grateful heart? Feel the answer right now, if you wish. We are all connected, Dear Ones–each human, each plant, each animal, each particle of dust, each elemental, each star. The loving Web of the Universe is as grand as the multitude of stars in the sky and as gentle as the same solar system that moves throughout your bodies as atoms and nuclei. You are all connected in any way you can dream. All life is sacred. Every bit of you is sacred. Feel it. Be it. Give thanks for the beauty that is our dear planet. Feel it respond to your love. I leave you with my deepest blessing and with the seed of joyful connection planted within your hearts. Gaia

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