February 2012

Dear Ones. You are always Dear Ones. Why do I speak to you as such? You are the heart of my heart and the lifeblood of my soul’s truest essence. In service, I have gifted many opportunities for you to know the depths of your own souls. You have reached into the darkest abyss where you have felt that there was no hope, no light, that you were cut off from the very heart of love; for you see, you did not know the whole picture when you descended into the darkest darks–all in the name of Divine Love, Dear Ones.

I want you to feel the vibration of these two words, Dear Ones. Allow the breath of my heart to touch yours. Do you feel it? Do you see colors? Do you sense the love that we, on the other side of the veil, have for you; the love that you as souls have for yourselves, for being willing to walk the paths of difficulty and perceived separation from the love that is truly you–Dear Ones.

My heart is huge and expands throughout the span of time on this planet. It has been confined by the rules of the game so to speak, but these rules are changing as all of you know and feel in your hearts. Do you not feel now with the breath of divine love? Do you not rejoice in the understanding that the darkest darks you have allowed yourselves to experience are but precious gifts to your own soul? Do you not begin to see, to sense with your higher mind and heart the truth of who you truly are–Dear Ones? You are divine love. Amidst the self-abnegation that so often plagues your perceptions, are you not finding that the veil is beginning to lift? Are you not first glimpsing the beauty of your true heart, but are also beginning to feel and to perceive the world around you from the pure heart, from the divine place of love that has always been the seed of your existence on this planet. Dear Ones, you are loved. Feel this truth.

I am smiling because I see many of you who are remembering this seed and allowing it to grow at a tremendous rate. What a marvel to see the vibrant colors of your souls as they spring to life in greater fullness, more in alignment with your true God Selves, vibrating with a truer song of love in your being. Dear Ones, feel it. Allow your hearts to feel this totally and without restriction. Open and receive the love of you. You carry the love of God within your hearts. You, each of you is the heart of God.  No, there is no greater truth than this.

And now you know why my heart speaks to you as Dear Ones. I am of the same divine heart as yours. Allow my love to flow through you, not as a separate being who exists outside of you, but as a part of the loving connection that embodies and supports your existence here, right now. There is no time to wait to know the Creator’s grand, grand love. It is you right now. Right here. Allow yourself to feel it. Be this love.

I love you more than words can express. I invite you to feel the love that goes beyond words, to let the love of life, of the elements, of the rain, the wind, the warming fire that is your blood, to feel the vaporous caress of the love that surrounds you, that is you, every single second of every day. You are love on many, many levels. It is beautiful. It is sacred. It is your divine birthright. Dear Ones of my own true heart and soul, I love you with the tender love of a mother for her children, unconditionally and totally.

Please no longer judge yourself as unworthy of love, for that is a part of the illusion that you have played so well. It is time to let that go to be in the present moment of divine love and acceptance. I weep because my heart is full of joy, for you are arising as the true angels that you are, full of grace, compassion, and understanding. You will make it, Dear Ones. You will fully become the true heart of love. This I know. THIS I KNOW! Do not be discouraged, for the pure love that you give to self will only radiate outwards and will spiral exponentially, as more and more awaken to the love within their own hearts.

I am Gaia. I am deeply grateful for the service that all of you offer Creation. Together we will embrace the true heart of divine love as we laugh and sing our way into the new world that we each are creating. Now is the heart of love and love is the heart of now. Know that you are love, always love.  I am Gaia. I am love as are you, Dear Ones. It is with great love that I leave you with my fondest blessing. Open and receive. So it is. 

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