December 2013

Dear Ones, I am Gaia and my love for you is truly boundless. Many of you question the complexities playing out in your world. You ask. “Why is there still so much discord and disharmony when the New Earth is allowed to emerge?” Do you not realize that to force the populace into a sense of greater harmony would only strengthen the old energies of coercion? To stop the flow of love in an attempt to create greater love does not serve you at all. When humanity truly understands the nature of divine love, they realize that pure love does not force its will. It allows for growth in whatever way the soul chooses to experience life. The bounty of the earth provides for all, yet it is exactly human consciousness that allows for the dissensions to continue on this plane. There is no magic button that will reshape the world overnight. As many of us have communicated with you, the transition is going to take time. To sit and wish that things could be different in the process only strengthens the web of despair. It strengthens the ideas that things are not right with the world, when in the higher reality, they are exactly as they need to be. Humans see things in the moment. The past often creates a template upon which the present moves into the future. The key, Dear Ones, in truly changing the world around you lies within each of you. When your own hearts see the way to more compassion for each person’s path, then the difficulties will begin to unravel at a faster rate. To resist each person’s sacred right to act as they see fit complicates matters, in that it at times, interferes with their free will. What happens when a human being feels that someone pushes them against their will or does not respect their beliefs? They push back and the drama continues. On the other hand, to understand that when one is allowed to express as they wish, even though you may not agree with their perceptions, the other person often feels respected. They feel that they are heard. Then a wave of compassion is created that allows for a bridge to be built, even between those who were once sworn enemies. The ways and ideas of the past do continue to shape the world around you. They will continue to do so, yet each one of you has a choice in each moment. You can fall back into the old ways of judging those who are different, or you can allow the other’s expression as absolutely perfect for what the other’s soul wishes to learn. To believe that one knows better than another is really a huge illusion in and of itself. Do you see why, Dear Ones? The soul has a completely different agenda than the human that transcends human judgment. When human beings cannot see the whole picture playing out on each person’s game board of life, then there is no good reason to judge the other’s experience as faulty. With the difficulties that you all face in life, know that the challenges are but opportunities to make choices to bring greater love into the world. Even though cultures and countries will continue to clash, each one of you can create a world of peace within your own hearts. When enough of you choose to do so, then things will move even faster. Yet in truth, it is really not important how fast the process of moving to a more loving and compassionate world takes place; for each person is unequivocally honored for the role in the game that you all play here on earth. The new, compassionate earth is just beginning from your linear perspective, but it is already here in its perfection. If you will sense into it, you will feel it. In feeling the New Earth in your being, it will indeed become more real for you.

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