November 2013

My Dear Family of Light,

I am Gaia, and together with a multitude of your cosmic brothers and sisters, we congratulate you on your efforts to bring more love and harmony into your existence. We know that your efforts are not small. If you could see the opening of hearts around the globe, you would be utterly astounded. There is no need to fear the younger generations, nor the technologies which define much of their lives and come so easily to them. At times it may seem that they exist in an alternate reality with their gadgets and ways of communicating, yet this dependence on technology is allowing a great gift to emerge among humanity.a palm frond at sunset

Technology is gifting a global connection at younger and younger ages. That, Dear Ones, is beginning to undo the chains of “us and them” that have kept the ideas of separation and divisions so strong among humankind in the past. This connection allows the youth to sense, in new ways, that a bigger picture is playing out and so they ask the difficult questions. At times these difficult questions sometimes force the old ways to be considered in different ways. The younger generations are not content to be fed the idea that things have always been done a certain way and must remain so. This is conscious awareness at work, Dear Ones.

Do not be afraid when countries and cultures are asked to undo the old and comfortable, yet ineffective paradigms. In the moment when structures fall and chaos ensues, the human self tends to go into fear–simply because what they know as comfortable, even though it was broken, is no longer present in the moment. Yet when people remember to look for the bigger picture, they sense something that is not portrayed by the mainstream medias. They sense that there is more going on beyond what is being fed to the populace by those whose main objective is to spread fear and mistrust among those who will listen to such silliness. They sense that the media portrays a false picture that primarily sees lack and violence as the main forces playing out in the world.

Trust that much goes on, unseen in your world, that nurtures, loves, and supports each one of you. To believe otherwise–that the universe does not support each of you, without measure, causes you to cut yourselves off from the stream of universal love. When you fill your mind with media presentations and entertain the ideas that you are separate from the support of the universe, that belief only strengthens what you experience in your reality. Yet when you choose to be the heart of love, you look for connections and commonalities among peoples and cultures, especially in difficult situations, and that is when the walls of separation begin to crack. When people look for commonalities, something magical happens. They begin to see how the dividing walls between the masses have been carefully constructed over the years with the intent to keep people separate and fearing each other. Yet, when they see that these walls and beliefs have really just prevented them from seeing their own hearts and desires in the people that they have been taught to hate and fear, then the illusion will crumble. Human differences can then be seen as a source of celebration instead of reasons to fear and to create mistrust and distance.

It has been said that 2013 is the first year of the New Earth. Is it not a beautiful way to frame these times, especially as the difficulties of the old jostle a bit with the loving flow of the new? Yet, this new energy that comprises the loving balance of the divine masculine and feminine coming together in sacred union, is truly not a new energy at all. It is a return to the truest energy that is our sacred birthright. It is time to bring in the loving ways of patience, gentleness, and greater clarity.

When faced with decisions where you can throw anger or discord back at the world, always realize that you have a choice. You can choose the old ways of interacting on earth, or you can choose the loving heart of the enlightened human. It is time to transition in your hearts, Dear Ones. Each day brings numerous decision points that move you towards or away from compassion. Of course, there is no judgment from Source, as to what you choose, yet remember that your choices directly affect the love and support that you draw to yourselves. I, and the entourage of supportive beings that surrounds you, ask that you choose wisely, for in those choices can come much joy and clarity.

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