December 2012

My Dear, Dear Colleagues of Light,

Is it not a momentous occasion to be standing upon the planet at this time of great change? Do you not feel it changing every cell in your body? Do you not feel the Divine Plan opening with greater meaning in your own lives? Do you not feel the separation; the illusions of not “knowing” the love of the Creator are falling away? Breathe, Dear Ones. Breathe in the illusion of separation and let them go.  They no longer serve you.

The time is now to let the past go as a limiting vice. The infrastructures are now in place for you to make great strides in remembering who you are, but also to remember who we are as deeply connected beings in service to the love of the Creator. Feel this. Set your human mind aside, and allow this truth to enter into your hearts, without judgment. Do not be better or worse than others in your own mind, just feel the love as it is, pure, unconditional and accepting of all experience. Can you not feel it? It speaks to you more deeply now than it ever has. Your soul speaks to you with greater clarity. Yes, its love has always been boundless for you. Is it not grand to truly feel it now, in ways that a few years ago were not possible?

Know that the very structure of the universe is love, Dear Ones. It is in the very structure of every element on earth. It is in your cellular structure of your physical bodies, yet you tend to separate your bodies still from that love. Understand that the love that courses through your body also comprises your DNA. In that DNA, as the Kryon has so aptly explained, is the quantum science of love.  Yes love can be likened to science as waves of understanding that communicate to the body and mind. It nurtures and restores. It also creates waves of communication that move outward and declares to all “I am a being of love, ” if you so desire. When you embody and declare that love to the world, the earth declares its love for you. Do you not see how this is a great gift? Yet is it really a gift, as it is who you are? In remembering this connection, this most holy declaration, you become a placeholder of love on earth.

Understand that, as you acknowledge the love of your true essence, looking at life will no longer seem stagnant, as you will be in the energy of universal flow. This flow allows you to become the embodiment of pure love on earth. Even though disagreements may rage on around you, when you remain centered in the true Heart of Love, which is also deeply connected to me and to the nurturing energies of the Creator, you will come to understand that your love of self and life is indeed immoveable. You will be able to stand as a beacon of light and love not only in your own space, but your effects will reach out and touch others on quantum levels. You will walk by people on the street, who do not know you, and they will feel a connection to you and you to them.  Love is in the air. Even your science is beginning to track how love energy emanates outward from the heart. The wave of love purifies and clears a pathway so that you can communicate more fully as divine beings. It causes you to become connected quantumly, meaning that you communicate beyond words, and such is the power of the sacred heart and mind.

Know that much laughter and joy is in store for you as you continue to open to the love that is truly your birthright. Every day points of light are coming into being across the planet. Hearts are opening. Connections are being made. Solutions that only a few years ago were not even considered possible are coming into being and this is only the beginning. What can each of you do in this time of marvelous transformation? Be love. Breathe love. Emanate love with every breath you take. It does not matter if others do not understand yet that they also embody love, as their paths are perfect for them in this moment. Allow love in your heart for those who choose the energies that are not so much of love and know that one day they too, will come to the understanding that they are also love.
The love upon this planet is opening like a rose, softly, gently, without force, each petal taking its place as part of the beautiful and fragrant bloom. Do not be discouraged if the world does not transform overnight. Instead, be grateful for the love in your hearts and extend gratitude and love to those who do not yet choose to be their own bright lights of love. For in loving those who choose a darkened path, you enlighten your own path and of those around you.

The energies of duality will have less effect because you choose to love at all times and you see the value of not returning to ways that are less than unconditional love for each and every being on the planet. For in living each breath and each thought as unconditional love, you literally change reality, and the chains of human belief begin to fall away.

Is it not a grand time to be alive, dear Creators of your reality? Be love. I am with you always. Many are with you assisting you to move into greater love, light, and clarity. It is so and it is the truth that universal love is melding all together. Take heart and know that all is well within our grand universe of love.  The illusion of separation unravels with each conscious breath you take, when you so aptly and beautifully declare, “I AM LOVE.”

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