August 4, 2011

August 4th, 20011

My Dear, Beloved Colleagues,

It is with such joy that I come before you, to honor each of you for the great contributions you are making towards greater enlightenment. You know and can feel that great changes are now taking place upon the earth. These changes affect each of you on fundamental levels. Know that the Sacred Heart and Mind of Creation is opening a portal that will affect each and everyone of you who desires to let this energy into your life. Know that you are beloved Creators who have purposely taken on the cloak of illusion to serve the greater good of All Creation. Know that you are deeply honored, Dear Ones for the work that you do, for the sacrifices you have made, for the many, many lifetimes you have lived upon my dear body, to create this exact moment in time. How you are honored, Dear Ones.

My heart is full tonight as I speak to you through my servant, although she does not like to have attention called to her, but she has agreed to open up a portal of Sacred Heart energy to allow me to come through and to speak to you through the Sacred Heart and Mind.

This is what I ask of you at this time. Know that you are the highest and truest forms of love available to us in the universe. Remember this, Dear Ones; remember this in your hearts. Let the knowledge in your hearts speak the truth of this to you, for it is there for everyone of you to know and to experience divine love in its fullness. Feel how wonderful that is Dear Ones. Feel into the knowledge that you have carried this with you from the very beginnings of the planet. It has always been within, waiting for you to awaken its seed, and now is the time when you have waited to open the Sacred Heart stream while in the physical body. Oh how we love you, Dear Ones, for you are setting the pace and clearing the path for others to follow into higher consciousness. It is not only consciousness. It is feeling the core essence of who you are–the unconditional love of Source.

You are microcosms of the universe. Every part of you reflects the divine energy of creation. You carry the love of Source in every minute element of your body. It is you, Dear Ones! It is you, nothing more, nothing less! Be still and know that you are God, as are all who walk this beautiful planet. Be still and know your birthright, Dear Ones, as the prodigals who have returned to the true heart of Divine Love. And so it is Dear Ones. Go in love. I am with you always,



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