August 28, 2011

Dear Ones,

Many of you have struggled with lifetimes of self-abnegation of not seeing yourself as part of the Greater Light. These overlays continue to affect you in limiting ways; however, the energies that are now emanating from the Great Central Sun are allowing the undoing, or the dissolving of these overlays that have caused you so many issues in loving and honoring yourselves. Dear Ones, do not be hard on yourselves when you do not remember so easily who you are, for the veil of duality has caused you to doubt your worth for many lifetimes.

Now is the time to reclaim your birthrights as angels of the Greater Light, where you know the simplicity of being your truest essence. Do not trouble yourselves with beliefs that cause you to remain negative or to feel that you are powerless. They are only beliefs and they only have power as long as you believe them. The capacity of the human heart to unravel the veil of self-doubt is huge. Know that it is the love of the Creator within each one of you that will help you rise above the difficulties that surround your lives today and in the days to come. Know that you are the love of the Greater Light, which extends throughout all of Creation, and is the Source Light for this universe.

When you do not see yourselves from a place of compassion, you allow the energies of darkened belief to impede your abilities to understand and to receive the higher energies of enlightenment. Know that there is no shame in believing wholly in yourselves. Too many of you have been taught that it is shameful or foolish to believe too strongly in your own abilities. That is an insidious lie that has been perpetuated as part of limited earth consciousness. Now is the time to remove that lie from your very breath. Do not see yourselves as puny. Do not see yourselves as lacking in any way. Do not see yourselves as being less than the beautiful and expansive love that you embody, even now as human creators on this earth.

Know that every breath you breathe manifests the love of Creation. Even though you may not remember the connection, you, your physical body is a beautiful manifestation of that love.  Know that as you release the need to see yourself as separate from the Greater Light that the plants and the elements of the earth will respond to each one of you, and you will sing a new song of life that resonates with the breath and heart of divine love. Now is the time, Dear Ones to be this Divine Love, here in the present moment. Do not wait until tomorrow for this to happen in your lives, for as you wait, you deny yourselves the blessings that wait within you. You are more precious than you realize my dear colleagues.

I call you colleagues with purpose, for you are now taking on the energies of the planet, and will soon collectively hold the unconditional love that I, as Gaia, have held for you all of these years, from before the beginnings of life on this planet. Together we are changing this earth. We are changing the universe. We are changing Creation, and I do not say this, to as some of you would say, to give you a big head. It is the truth.

As long as you hold on to negative beliefs, you are held captive by the negativity. When you embrace the breathe of love, then that negativity dissipates as an honored and blessed part of the Greater Light. Do not wait to be the love that you truly are. I cannot stress this enough. Embrace the call to be your Divine Selves, to truly open to the love of All That Is, to claim your birthright as the bearers of conscious love in this moment, now, today. Breathe in who you really are and remember that you are an infinite soul, an expression of the unconditional love of the Greater Light. Do not be disappointed when things do not happen as fast as you would like. Know that all is well in Creation and with time and your own increasing awareness, you will truly see that you are a manifestation of Divine Love, just as I am a manifestation of Divine Love, just as everything on this planet, in its many dimensions is a manifestation of sacred divinity.

Let your old beliefs go and know that you are much more than you have ever imagined. I am here to serve you, to honor you, to assist you. I am your friend, mother, and sister who has always been by your side, under your feet, around your bodies, bearing you up. You have never been separate from the love of the Creator. Never. Be gentle and love yourselves as you never have before, and you will discover the meaning to joy and bliss, for you truly are that love.

I am here to serve you. Open your hearts to me. There exists a new energy stream that is allowing a deeper and more subtle connection to the earth. Feel into this balm of healing and allow its essence to serve you as the heart of unconditional love in the physical world. You carry that seed within you. The earth carries the same seed, and it is awakening as the rushing waters that will help you cleanse the self-abnegation from the darkened thought forms that still surround you.  What you call miracles are waiting when you open and receive your own heart light of Divine Love.

Know that I love you, Dear Ones. With fondest affection, Gaia

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