August 2013

Greetings Beloveds,

I am Gaia. I am many and I am One. I am the breath of the waters, yet I am the heart of the embers. Indeed I am many things that seem to contradict your understanding of what can go together in your world and what cannot.

It is all well, Dear Ones, for in those times when life does not go so well together, know that there is wisdom and love that exists behind every disturbance that concerns you about the world on which you live.

Some of you, no, I should say many of you call out to me and say, “Why is there no peace on earth? Why do the wars and contentions, and the strife all seem to be worsening? When will it end?”

It will end, Dear Ones. Eventually the light of love will become so strong on earth that these warring ways will no longer be tolerated. You will see much that will pass in your lifetime. Even within the next ten years of earth time, you will see great changes.

Do not be discouraged when the changes you desire do not happen overnight. I know each of your hearts and when you enter into the dreamtime, we often gather and combine our love, asking for release of the old in ways that will not cause as much grief as has happened in letting go of, or of undoing these same controlling energies in the past.

Know that I and the Council of Elders and Archangels do not judge the actions of humans as most humans do. All is appropriate in the undoing of the old ways, of releasing the old stories that have driven your world in such a way, that soon more will awaken and then the answers to the world’s problems will seem so simple. Many of you will ask, “Why didn’t we do this sooner?” Yes, I hear some of you asking even now, “Why didn’t we do “what” sooner?” The answer is to choose love and compassion in every decision you make.

For too many years, humans have believed that remaining angry and requiring punishment for actions has been the acceptable way of restoring justice. This does not create balance or a return to unity at all, but instead only strengthens the ideas that pit nation against nation, neighbor against neighbor, and parent against child.  It strengthens the illusion that someone is more undeserving of the love of Source, and nothing could be farther from the truth.

How do you begin to change the world in a way that serves all of you with greater love? Simply choose to act on and see life from a place of compassion. Do not judge life as good or bad, or as set indelibly between abundance or famine, or that some humans are more deserving of receiving love in their lives than others; release seeing life as extremes.

This also applies to your own lives. Allow yourself to see life and to experience life as a gift to yourself–in each and every moment, exactly as you want it to be. Can you force your desire onto the world to change it? Of course you can try, but it is not the desired way to achieve the highest outcomes. For when you push your will onto others, they push back, and it only increases the conflicts in the moment.

Allow your own heart to be freed from pushing life to be what you want it to be. Try something different and allow the flow of love to come to you. Be the fragrance of the rose, the breath of the breeze, the warmth of the sun. Allow love to come to you and to dwell in your heart as the same flow that moves through this living earth.

There is no human force that dictates the Love of Creation. When each of you learns to allow the same love to flow within you, as the balance of unconditional love, then the answers will be clearer to you, in seeing better ways to solve the world’s problems.

Will the world’s rulers change overnight? No. Like the season of my body, time is required to undo the old and for the new seeds to take root. Yet when your heart seeks compassion for yourself and your world, setting it in motion in each moment of the day, that one act will change your world and how the world interacts with you.

This truly is a time of great change upon the earth. The choice is yours to be discouraged by what you see, or to embrace the bigger picture, to be the heart of love and compassion in the moment, and to be a living light of love on earth. Every thought that is held creates a difference on the earth, and when one has the discipline to monitor one’s thoughts and to choose only love and compassion in the moment, that is becoming a master of love in the flesh. That Dear Ones will truly make a difference.

Choose to be love this day and always, my Beloveds, for in this there is much rejoicing not only on earth but in the realms of heaven as well. I am Gaia and my love for you is eternal.

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