April 2013


Is it not a momentous occasion to be on earth at this precious apex in your evolution as a species? Yet, for many of you, you do not see the changes of earth all that much. Why? Some are becoming discouraged as old thought-forms and beliefs continue to cloud your vision of what you can truly create in this new energy of change.

Understand, Dear Ones that you have created this change and the energy gathers round to serve you in ways that you cannot fathom, if only you will surrender the old perceptions that have defined you as limited humans. Now what does this mean? The veil between the realities of your true hearts as Beings of Love is thinning exponentially, which means that each one of you can have greater access now to your higher mind and heart. They can truly be your vanguards if you step out of your own way.

Millennia of human thought patterns and consciousness have shaped your perceptions as humans and those elements influence you across time, Dear Ones. Not only are you dealing with the consciousness of earth as it begins to clear these old, old patterns; you are also clearing the old ways of thinking across time. Is not time but a revisiting of the past and bringing it into the present–when you choose to see life as a linear progression of thought and attitude? The reality is that time is circular and spirals. That is why you seem to clear our the old and to think that you are finally free of the vexing bugaboos that have kept you in a sea of doubt, only to be enmeshed once again with the old chains of belief as they spiral anew from the past into your reality asking for even more release.

You see, Dear Ones, you are not a slave to your past nor to your beliefs. Many have taught that the old beliefs you have created are not yours, in a sense that is true and in a sense it is untrue. The ideas formulated across earth have been brought about by agreements made under the Divine Plan to allow the illusion of lack and separation from the Love of God/Source to become the prevalent reality. You have done an excellent job at creating the illusion that all must be feared and that much of human existence is unpredictable and unsafe–the exact opposite of your God-self. It has been by design that this illusion would prosper; so yes, you are very much a part of it, and yes most of you are very tired of the illusion and want a change that once again returns you to the love of the universe within the wonders of physicality.

The element of being separate from the Love of Source is a design that is fostered within the Divine Plan that affects the entire universe and galaxy. Its reach goes far. The work that you are doing as veiled beings of love in human form extends far and wide. So when beings say that what you have done in the past is not you, they are referring to the bigger picture so to speak. Even though the experiences of earth have seemed real and at times excruciatingly painful, there is a much grander picture playing out. Even though you sometimes struggle to release the old aspects and ideas that swarm around you, telling you that life on earth can be no other way, you listen to your true heart, and it transcends the old ideas and makes room for the divinely embodied human to walk the earth once again.

Long ago, as the physical structure of earth was being built, the idea of separation was not as strong as it is now. Love was palpable in the air. Humans knew the deep connection that they have to my Heart as Gaia and to the Great Mother, herself. That knowledge Dear Ones was lost from the earth, with a few exceptions of your indigenous peoples for quite some time, but it is returning now, and each of you feels it in your hearts. It is a yearning that asks you to take time out of your busy lives to breathe in fresh air, to spend time sitting with the birds, to express gratitude to the trees and elementals that grace this planet. You are beginning to feel them in ways that you did many lifetimes ago, yet the energies of those same lifetimes also spiral into the present moment, nudging you, reminding you that all is connected and truly carries the heart of love at its essence.

So Dear Ones, as you continue to move forward in these exciting yet challenging times, do not be afraid of what bubbles up from your collective past. Now even though it seems painful, it is ultimately an illusion of being separate from the true understanding of who you really are, divine human angels. Yes I am borrowing that term, used so eloquently by the Kryon, for as you move upon the earth with the beliefs that the past is not what it seems, you spread your wings of love, and light emanates outward to the planet. Waves of thought move through you that communicate to those within your influence that life does not need to continue as it has for centuries. The Divine Mother’s plan is moving into the next cycle where love will be supported more than the illusion. You are no longer the illusion, Dear Ones. Together we will open our hearts, like the wings of beautiful angels as that love emanates outward like a beautiful rose, whether it be through fragrance, or through the quiet elegance of holding one’s center as a way-shower of love. Do not be discouraged, Dear Ones. You often do not feel what you are doing or sense the importance of your agreements to be of service to All That Is. Know that you are dearly loved and supported by an entourage of heaven who awaits to assist you. All you need to do is ask. The pull of duality, of the old ways of earth, are still very strong, tempting to pull many of you back into the ideas of what it means to be human. Take heart, Dear Ones, and know that as you seek each day to truly be the Hearts of Love on earth, the old shackles continue to fall. Love yourself and be gentle with the process. It took eons to create the chaotic beliefs that have pervaded the planet and it will take time to change and undo them. Be gentle with yourself and with others. The time of willful force is giving way to compassion and love. Like water flowing down a little creek, moving eventually into a river, there is no need to force things faster than their streambed will allow; otherwise, things can get a bit messy. All is exactly as it needs to be. Remember to place yourselves in the flow of love and to let that flow move you to the perfect place of nurturing and being nurtured by the love that is the heart of your true being. All my love–Gaia.

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