March 2012

My Beloved Co-Creators of New Earth,

It is a challenging time for many in making the transition between soul-hearted human and from the human who has settled on lack and being acted upon by the denser energies of earth.  Believe me, you all feel it. Many are confused as they think that it is a matter of turning a switch and allowing the new to completely override the old. That is not the case. The energies continue to come in as waves of old limiting thought forms and as waves of completely loving potentials.

Dear Ones, you carry the Heart of Love within you, and I know as I hear many people grumbling upon my body, all over the world, that they doubt themselves, as they just don’t seem to get it. It is a process that is simple to do once one moves into the energy where the waves are less dense, then the doubts lessen and fear does not have such a hold. The problem lies in that when humans go into fear and allow the energy of fear to overwhelm them, it affects the emotional body and the chakras and essentially cuts one off from the higher energies and potentials of Source. So in essence when one embraces fear, as the only alternative, it makes the fear seem more real and pulls the human back into those energies, back into the denser vibrations of 3-D earth. Then your aspects dance around you like those medieval pictures of scrawny little devils poking you with their sharp little spades. No one wants that.

So the real question is how do you love yourself, when the fears seem so overwhelming, when you are so filled with angst and discouragement that it is hard to breathe and to know where to even begin to bring in higher energies?  That is where trust comes in. You see, I know all of your souls, and I have an advantage in that I know you as beings of unconditional love. Many of you, as awakening humans, as awakening expressions of your loving souls, do not yet understand the connection that you have to your souls. You can “think” that you are beings of love, but to truly feel that you are unconditional love incarnate, escapes you in the present moment. Be patient with your human selves, for as so many of you as Christians have been fond of quoting Yeshua, when the Romans and others sent him to his death,  “They know not what they do.” [She laughs gently.] Your aspects try to crucify the very part of themselves [the loving heart of the soul] that will deliver them from their unloving and self-loathing prisons. The love of your soul is the healing balm that will transcend all human wounds and beliefs that hold you back from being your god-self incarnate. I look forward to the day, since we are dealing with the limits of time and human perceptions, (for me it is all one and the same) when we can once again converse as physical incarnations of your souls, where the human beliefs will no longer impede the ability for us to share the Heart of Love of which we are truly a part. Again, some may ask? When many of you first took on physical form, you never saw yourself as separate from that love, and we had many happy and joy-filled excursions bringing in the energies of physical form onto earth. We had great fun centered as beings of love.

How do you trust the change? There are many tools that are being given, but all are ineffective until one truly begins to feel with the heart of the soul that one is indeed unconditional love incarnate. That comes from centering into one’s heart, to the place that is only yours, the place that knows no human definition. When the fears inundate you, go to that centered, sacred place, to the heart of your soul, and breathe in its love and listen to what it is telling you, listen to how it brings in different potentials to your consciousness.

Ask for clarity from your soul, from the archangels, from me if you wish, for assistance in clearing the fears. Bring your future self to you, where you are free from those fears and allow the energy of that self, who has already passed through this to merge its heart energy with you in the present moment. Be conscious of your soul energy as flowing within you as much as you can, always emanating pure love from your heart.  Be aware that the waves of doubt and aspects who like to vex you are just expressions who do not yet understand that they too are unconditional love. As your awareness increases and you begin to see your human self as your soul sees you, then you will be able to let go of those thought-forms and energies that insist that you must be something other than the vibrant loving being of who you truly are.

Go in peace my dear beloveds and be the Heart of Love.

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