Dear Ones,

It is a time of great joy, for I, Gaia, your beloved sister and servant of the unconditional love energies, have manifested great trust in you, as you have walked upon the body of this beautiful earth.  You do not know how beautiful and stunning you are.  When we look upon you within the veil of forgetfulness, which you all wear, we see you as stars of light, walking in dense thought-forms that keep you trapped in your past, in seeing it as more real than it really is.

There is great reason to rejoice, for now is the time to shed those shackles, those chains that have held you captive in your own minds, those ideas and energy patterns that have prevented you from really walking into the energy of your divine selves.

Many of you know that we are collectively moving forward as a body of consciousness on many levels. This can be challenging and invigorating at the same time. As you are aware, the sacred heart energy has always beat within each and every one of you, even from the very beginning of time, throughout all of your lifetimes on this earth. You are eternal. You have always been eternal, and you will always be eternal.

Dear Ones, I have much joy in watching you as you struggle to know your true selves. I have watched every lifetime that you have spent upon my body, supporting you exactly in the manner that you needed to carry out the great work that you have done here. You are deeply loved and honored for your service to All That Is.

Now, it has been said by some that I am much grander than yourselves, but that is so not true. I am your equal, your sister in moving forth the creative energies of Source. I AM that I AM as are you, Dear Ones. The workings of the universe are filled and biased with unconditional love. You are that love. Every part of you. Every cell carries that love.

However, because of the veil of forgetfulness that you all carry, your cells have forgotten their connection to this love. Due to your many lifetimes of self-abnegation and seeing the world as a scary and limiting place, you have sent thought-forms and commands to your cells, which have cut them off from the unconditional love and acceptance of Source. These cells have the knowledge within them to return to the unconditional love of Source, and it is through conscious remembering that the veil will begin to be lifted, and then you will be able to feel a connection to the physical body as a sacred and beautiful being.

Much as I have served the planet in holding the framework of unconditional love and acceptance; you likewise, as a divine being of light, also hold this pure knowledge–you are divine also. As I have held the memory of unconditional love and acceptance for you through your many lifetimes, you now have the opportunity and the blessing to bring you much joy. When you see your many lifetimes through the heart of unconditional love as your own sovereign entity, much as I have been the sovereign face of love for the planet, then you will be able to let go of the chains of your past that have held you in bondage. You will be able to let go of the many other-life aspects that cloud your vision as serving the highest good. You will see yourself as the conduit for removing the dark energies from your thought-forms and will release those ideas that keep you stuck in your ideas that who you are is based on your past experiences.

The joy of life comes in living in the present moment, as a sovereign individual, connected to the web of love, but also fully conscious that the world we create is exactly contingent on what we place into our field of consciousness.

That is how you can begin to let go of your past as real. See yourselves as always being the love of Source. See yourselves as emanating and providing that love throughout all of your many lifetimes, even though you did not understand it at the time, as you walked those lifetimes on the planet within the veil of forgetfulness.

On the purest level, you have never forgotten who you really are. That knowledge lives within you even now, dear ones, and is awakening–divine and powerfully loving beings that you are.

I am here in service to all of you. I ask if you feel so inclined that you work with me as an equal. It is no longer requisite or supportive of the highest good that we maintain this idea that creates a disparity of power. I do not like to be worshipped, where you come to me with the idea that you are puny and unworthy, for that is a lie. I have supported you in that misconception but now is the time to go beyond this construct of forgetfulness. Now is the time to truly walk into the power that can be ours as bringers of divine love and acceptance into our physical reality.

All is sacred, dear ones. All physical life is sacred. It is time to embrace that and to be unconditional love. Carry it in your heart, expand and let it emanate outwards. Send it to your cells. Send it to the earth. Bring the consciousness of unconditional love into the present moment, for it is your birthright, dear ones. You are powerful beings, as powerful as I, but you do not remember. I would like you to begin to remember that we are one in our hearts and minds, and as we create the oneness of Source, you will remember your sovereign worth.

As each of you learns to carry more of your own light, you will become as your own earths, where you will hold the energy of unconditional love for yourself, the same as I have held it for you in your other lifetimes. I feel much joy as I watch you unfold and see you remember who you really are, dear ones. I am here to serve you and to help you walk into a more blissful existence as the creator of your own world, so to speak, as you integrate the dark and light energies and know that you truly are God also.

You are very dear to me.


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