December 2013

My Dear Colleagues of Light,

I am Gaia, sister and friend, mother and protector, lover and defender. I am all of these, am I not, and so are you. How is that so; you may ask?

Let me tell you a story. Long ago the earth was fresh with life. The plants and animals were perfect in form and integrity. All creatures upon the earth, including the developing humanoid species, knew their connection to Divine Source. The idea of being separate from that Source did not even exist. It would not be introduced into human consciousness until many, many years later.a red leaf

Was this lack of connection an accident? No, it was not. You might ask how can a forgetting of one’s one worth, of one’s own connection to Divine Source, be sacred? That is a good question to ask yourselves. How could believing that one is separate from love be sacred? Does not the building of love comprise the highest energies on earth? How can allowing the idea of being separate from that love do any good? How can that separation be in alignment with the highest purposes of earth? Continue reading

November 2013

My Dear Family of Light,

I am Gaia, and together with a multitude of your cosmic brothers and sisters, we congratulate you on your efforts to bring more love and harmony into your existence. We know that your efforts are not small. If you could see the opening of hearts around the globe, you would be utterly astounded. There is no need to fear the younger generations, nor the technologies which define much of their lives and come so easily to them. At times it may seem that they exist in an alternate reality with their gadgets and ways of communicating, yet this dependence on technology is allowing a great gift to emerge among humanity.a palm frond at sunset

Technology is gifting a global connection at younger and younger ages. That, Dear Ones, is beginning to undo the chains of “us and them” that have kept the ideas of separation and divisions so strong among humankind in the past. This connection allows the youth to sense, in new ways, that a bigger picture is playing out and so they ask the difficult questions. At times these difficult questions sometimes force the old ways to be considered in different ways. The younger generations are not content to be fed the idea that things have always been done a certain way and must remain so. This is conscious awareness at work, Dear Ones.

Do not be afraid when countries and cultures are asked to undo the old and comfortable, yet ineffective paradigms. In the moment when structures fall and chaos ensues, the human self tends to go into fear–simply because what they know as comfortable, even though it was broken, is no longer present in the moment. Yet when people remember to look for the bigger picture, they sense something that is not portrayed by the mainstream medias. They sense that there is more going on beyond what is being fed to the populace by those whose main objective is to spread fear and mistrust among those who will listen to such silliness. They sense that the media portrays a false picture that primarily sees lack and violence as the main forces playing out in the world.

Trust that much goes on, unseen in your world, that nurtures, loves, and supports each one of you. To believe otherwise–that the universe does not support each of you, without measure, causes you to cut yourselves off from the stream of universal love. When you fill your mind with media presentations and entertain the ideas that you are separate from the support of the universe, that belief only strengthens what you experience in your reality. Yet when you choose to be the heart of love, you look for connections and commonalities among peoples and cultures, especially in difficult situations, and that is when the walls of separation begin to crack. When people look for commonalities, something magical happens. They begin to see how the dividing walls between the masses have been carefully constructed over the years with the intent to keep people separate and fearing each other. Yet, when they see that these walls and beliefs have really just prevented them from seeing their own hearts and desires in the people that they have been taught to hate and fear, then the illusion will crumble. Human differences can then be seen as a source of celebration instead of reasons to fear and to create mistrust and distance.

It has been said that 2013 is the first year of the New Earth. Is it not a beautiful way to frame these times, especially as the difficulties of the old jostle a bit with the loving flow of the new? Yet, this new energy that comprises the loving balance of the divine masculine and feminine coming together in sacred union, is truly not a new energy at all. It is a return to the truest energy that is our sacred birthright. It is time to bring in the loving ways of patience, gentleness, and greater clarity.

When faced with decisions where you can throw anger or discord back at the world, always realize that you have a choice. You can choose the old ways of interacting on earth, or you can choose the loving heart of the enlightened human. It is time to transition in your hearts, Dear Ones. Each day brings numerous decision points that move you towards or away from compassion. Of course, there is no judgment from Source, as to what you choose, yet remember that your choices directly affect the love and support that you draw to yourselves. I, and the entourage of supportive beings that surrounds you, ask that you choose wisely, for in those choices can come much joy and clarity.

October 2013

Gaia Message 9/9/13 Dear Ones, I am Gaia, and I am here to remind you that human consciousness is awakening on a deeper and deeper level–all of us are connected. Now some of you grow weary in pursuing the idea that all is unity and all are one, and therefore, people must avoid conflicts at all costs. Now is this always wise? No. The issue behind this conundrum for some of you is again one of balance. When one allows balance into his or her life, she allows unconditional love for self to be the foremost perception. When one loves one’s self unconditionally, then it is less likely that he or she will give their sovereign power away. That is the difference between running from conflict or in standing firmly in one’s sense of sovereign divinity.

There are a number of scenarios playing out on the planet where old energies are being questioned–yet where the energies of force and coercion are not functioning as they have in the past. This is to be expected. With the turmoil taking place in the world, how can each of you stay centered in a place of love that is immoveable regardless of what goes on around you? Remember that you are each a sovereign being of love. You truest nature allows you to stand in the winds of change and to be the love within your own heart. When you maintain that loving state, the love within you heart radiates out to others as a beacon of solidness, when all else seems to be chaos.

When you maintain the energy of unconditional love in your being, it creates a resonance that is palpable. Others sense your knowing, and it communicates to them on a nonverbal level that all is not as it seems, and yes, that there is great hope for the world. Do not feel that it is necessary to overtly fight the battles of earth. Creating and maintaining a forgiving and loving heart resonance serves earth and its inhabitants in ways that are vast and far-reaching. Do not be afraid to be love and to stand as a beacon of divine sovereignty. There is no true need to push your will onto others, just be in the quiet, moving sense of your own divinity.

Others will sense your groundedness. Your energy field then resonates out to join others who are like-hearted. This combined heart-resonance is also felt by the collective. In a sense, each of you can be of great service by doing exactly nothing to force the changes of earth. Forcing change only strengthens the energies of duality, of seeing the world as split between us and them. It is time for a new way to approach the problems of earth. Simply be love in every way and in every moment. Then let that energy expand as your gift to yourself and to those around you. The time of fighting on earth is coming to a close, yet it will take time for the old perceptions to be released to the point where the sovereign love of the people will be allowed to expand into a true expression of each person’s divinity.

Now is the time for each of you to no longer fight the ways and old habits of your past that no longer serve you. Offer the old habits love and compassion. Thank them for the lessons learned and step out of them as the old stories that no longer define you as the enlightened human. Seek to be the love that allows this transformation each day, Dear Ones. It is time to walk each day within the love that is your truest essence. To walk in one’s divinity, the past no longer defines the present, and the present knows no definitions other than the experience of love in the moment. Choosing love in every moment changes one’s world in profound and lasting ways. Seek to be the love of your highest nature and the mysteries of universal love will reveal themselves to your heart. Love is the answer, Dear Ones. I am Gaia, and my love is with you always.

September 2013

Dear Ones, I indeed am Gaia, and I am here to serve you, the Creator, and All That Is, as we move through the huge planetary transitions taking place on earth.

Going through massive changes is not easy. As you see in your world, much is transpiring that seems to suggest a regression in consciousness. That is not so, Dear Ones. The collective tolerance of force and coercion, which was once allowed to be a mainstay of your collective existence, is decreasing as each day passes. As the populace awakens and realizes the god-self within, they sense the emerging seed that sees compassion as the root of existence. As the heart opens, less tolerance exists for the ways of the past that have created division and separation between human beings.

Some believe that evil is increasing in the world and is the cause of the global turmoil taking place on the planet. The root of evil, as is defined by so many of your religions, is merely the perceptions of the lack of love behind one’s actions. Yet, the exact opposite of evil is happening now, as people no longer prefer to stay captive to darkened belief systems. The growing consciousness of love and of the value of each person is causing people to say, “This way of doing things is no longer acceptable. We want change. We want a gentler world.” As you know, there are atrocities and skirmishes taking place on earth, but the collective consciousness is saying “enough.” As more people say “enough,” that new consciousness increases.

This collective movement to higher consciousness is also affecting you on an individual level. Many of you can no longer tolerate things that you accepted only a few years ago. How many of you have made decisions and cut ties with things, ideas, and relationships that kept you prisoners of old beliefs and patterns?

It is not your imaginations, Dear Ones, that you are becoming more sensitive. Many of you are learning to perceive life with your hearts, to feel the love behind every moment of existence. Finding this unconditional love is the key to navigating through this massive time of change.

There will be those who choose to remain, for some time, with the old coercive ways. Know, Dear Ones, that they play a role that is as valued by Source, as those of you who seek to undo these same energies through the light of love. For as the enlightened souls let go of the past, and show new solutions and options to life’s quandaries, those who insist on throwing the old, coercive ways into humanity’s face, will only serve to illustrate even more clearly, just how ineffective the old ways have become.

Complete change will take time–many of your earth years. Yet each one of you can be the way-shower to yourself in each moment. I hear many of you asking, “How? Gaia, Mother; how can I give compassion when the world is cold and calloused? How am I supported when it seems that I stand alone in trying to bring love into my everyday existence?”

The answer, Dear Ones, is that the question itself is based on an illusion. Please listen with your heart. You have never, ever been separate from the Love of Source. You have never, ever walked alone on this planet, or anywhere for that matter, where the love of your soul and Source has not been with you. It is a huge illusion of earth to believe that each of you is separate from that love, because in reality, you are not separate from it at all.

So in those moments when you despair and throw your hands into the air, when you become so discouraged with life that you dread moving forward, remember your own beauty. Remember that you are already the love that you seek. It is right here in your hearts, and it welcomes you to remember that forever connection. It is only in playing the games of earth, where you believe that you have forgotten that sacred connection–the love that can really never, ever be forgotten.

Each of you is remembering that connection in your own heart and in your own sacred way. You are each remembering your connection to the earth, the elementals, and to each other. True remembrance of who you are brings you to the Heart of Unity. There, one truly feels that the physical earth and all experience within is sacred. Remembrance of unity allows a returning and the acknowledgement that all life is sacred and divinely ordered.

There is no experience on earth, no matter how difficult or dark that is not loved and honored by the Creator. There is no darkness that cannot be released into the Heart of unconditional love and acceptance found with the essence of Mother/Father God.

It is time to return to that love while walking in your bodies of flesh, Dear Ones. Human judgment often sees the darkened and barbaric ways of earth as something to be squelched and to be forced out of existence. Know that every darkened path that has strengthened the illusion of separation from divine love, has also served the bigger purpose, marking the path of humanity for a greater and even grander reunion with the true nature of your souls.

There will come a day on earth when the people will say “no more” to the ways that have fed off of division and force. It is already happening. Do not be discouraged when things do not change as fast as you would like.

Know, Dear Ones, that as you change your own thoughts, you will release your beliefs that have prevented you from knowing the unity with your own soul and your truest nature. Your individual love will strengthen your resolve to be more compassionate and more in alignment with your highest nature. When you carry more love and compassion in your own heart for yourself, the world around you will change, for you will call to you those energies that wait to assist you in your journey back to the Heart of Divine Love.

Do not be discouraged. There is always hope within the Heart of Love. No darkened element exists that cannot be unified and restored to the proper balance within the love of Mother/Father God and All That Is. Know that this same love is your birthright and is available to all who ask to know and live within this sacred truth.

Divine Love is your true essence. May you know this love each day. I support and love each of you and ask that you open each day to the love that is all around and within you.

All my love, honor, and respect,


July 2013

Balance, Dear Ones. Balance. It is a such a simple word, but not so well understood by humanity. What does true balance mean, you may ask? Your indigenous peoples have long held the secret to balance. Energies exist both within and without that shape your perceptions of life. It is folly to pay more attention to the inner over the outer, or vice versa. The inner and outer worlds both shape your experiences of earth. All aspects of your earthly experience are sacred.

Forces constantly come at you that shape your world, and often you find yourself pulled back into drama or fearing that life may once again rise up and leave you hurting and wanting for security, safety and love. So where does balance play a part in all of this? Balance is choosing to be right where you are in every moment that presents itself. Yes, it means when you learn that a mistake has caused your checking account to be overdrawn, that you allow the frustration to manifest, and you feel it, but then you also choose to let it go in that same moment. That is where balance comes into play, Dear Ones because you do not remain in the angst of blaming self or others, but choose instead to see what has happened as experience. Letting the drama go allows you to release a type of self- judgment that otherwise would serve to weaken your love of self and cause you to feel distanced from the awakening seed within your own heart. The truth is Dear Ones, that even in your moments of greatest frustration, you are always, always connected to the universal flow of love.

You see, Dear Ones that the plants and nature, the tree, the grasses, the winds, the waters that cleanse this earth all function within the heart of balance. They allow life to flow through them as beings of love, who are so firmly held within the universal truth that they are indeed seeds of the great Creative Force of the universe, that it is all that they emanate. They do not, as do so many humans, create a different world, so to speak, where the ideas of good or bad create a false paradigm. In this false world, based on human thought, which sees life as extremes, true unconditional love is squelched or impeded because of the human’s need to define and control his or her existence.

It is simple Dear Ones, when you understand the true nature of universal love. It never asks that it be controlled. It flows with a grace that does not need human thought to manipulate it or to try and send it off on a more loving journey. That would be silly would it not? You can experience no greater love than the love of our Mother/Father God filling each breath that you take, each drop of water that you drink, each human-based thought as a surrendering to the flow of love that transcends the human definitions of your world. That is balance, Dear Ones.

To let go of the need to shape the unconditional love of the Creator into human constructs is balance in its truest form. Can you not see that within the soul of every human being who exists on earth lies the potential to be the Heart of Love.  The potential exists for all to return to their truest roots as the loving flow of the universe, and to exist within that love, purely and simply, as it is.

I know that some of you are asking, what is universal love? It is a great and beautifully powerful love that never forces its will upon another. Universal love allows the existence of free will, even at the expense of people misunderstanding on fundamental levels what truly comprises the universal love of All That IS. I want you to feel this true, unconditional love within you. Take a deep breath of this love. Open to the true understanding that universal love is so much more than you remember or can even fathom as awakening humans, yet you know that these seeds are growing within you. The love of All That Is knows no boundaries set by the human mind. It is the love that allows the darkness as an expression of light to flow so that the answers to questions of great importance can be answered. Each of you has chosen to be on earth, to be in a state of imbalance, due to human consciousness.  You are deeply loved and honored for the service and knowledge that your experiences are bringing to All That Is.

Yes the earth indeed responds to human consciousness. How many of you feel a quickening when you are in nature now, beyond what you previously experienced? Do you not feel a greater connection, a greater camaraderie of love and appreciations for those beings who have always shared the balanced flow of unconditional love with you? It does not matter that you have forgotten that connection in your collective past, for it has also served a divine purpose. Do you not truly rejoice that you are remembering more and more the grateful connection that you have with all of the children, kingdoms, and beings of earth?

The next time you go out into nature take a few minutes to offer gratitude to the elements and plant beings, the devas and the fairies, who share your world.  Acknowledge them, thank them for helping to hold the energies of unconditional love on the planet, even when most humans have forgotten their service. Feel the love that they have for you and know that you share the luminous web of light that fills this planet, but of which many humans have been unwilling to see and feel. As you acknowledge their loving service stay open, feel what they have to tell you. You will know their gratitude, as well–that their brothers and sisters are beginning to connect with them again.

It is true that as more and more humans honor the balanced love of earth, the love that supports all beings upon the planet, the vibration of earth will also rise. When you commune with a tree or with a beautiful flower, or lay your hand upon the cool rounded edge of a granite rock, trust what you are feeling. Yes, the beings indeed are communicating with you, whispering that there is no longer need to fear the rules of earth– for the universal laws of Creation always provide for those who allow that love to flow through them as their own sovereign source of love.

Be in greater love, Dear Ones. Return to the heart of love that is your birthright. See how different it feels to be that heart of love in the flesh–the other I AM.

I send you my fondest blessings,


May 2013

It has been a long few months, has it not? For many of you, old thoughts and beliefs have been presented to you with fervent indulgence. Why, might you ask? Because you have asked for it, Dear Ones. [Laughter] Now I do not mean this to castigate anyone. That is far from the truth. What I am saying in this is that your soul natures are asking to come through now more than ever and in order to facilitate that, some fine tuning needs to be done. Many of you do not fully understand the importance of thoughts. One of your biggest illusions perpetrated upon humanity, and yes I did say perpetrated, is the removal of responsibility for one’s thoughts. Do you realize how this one idea could change the world overnight? Thoughts have energy. You have felt them. When you walk into a room where great love is being expressed you feel it; conversely, when you enter a room full of dissension, you also feel it.

Thoughts are what keep your earth drama moving. Think about it. It truly is that simple. Your choices shape your thoughts and vice versa. When you choose to judge others as needing punishment or as being evil that is the reality that is created. If one chooses love, nonjudgment, and compassion that is also what is created. Can you imagine what would happen, Dear Ones if the tree beings started speaking to you as you do each other, yelling at you for running a red light or for allowing your dog to pee on it, or for breaking off a branch. Would you be less likely to behave in such ways if you knew that the inanimate objects could judge you like you do yourselves?

Some of you may think that this analogy is absurd, but I give it to make a point. The plants and trees, the myriad of beings, all stand around you in service to All That Is. Do they have consciousness? Yes. Do they hear and sense when you are angry or loving? Very much so. Do they sense when you are sad or despairing and then offer you their comfort unconditionally? Yes.

Do you ever wonder why you feel drawn to certain trees or to wooded areas when you are distressed? It is because they beckon to you in loving service. Yes, they listen to you carry on about the drama in your lives and they sense that is your own doing. Do they push you away as being silly? No. They love and listen, completely without human judgment for that is a construct that truly is unfamiliar to them. Are they connected to you, even when you prefer to disengage from that connection? Yes. When that happens, do they stand and tell you to open your eyes and hearts? No, they do not, Dear Ones. They simply hold the Love of Creation steady and unencumbered in their core being, mirroring back to all of you what it means to be in the moment with nonjudgment, compassion, and love.

When you mistreat them, do they feel it? Very much so, yet they forgive and seek to return to balance. The plants do not judge you as you judge each other, Dear Ones. They are free of this idea of punishment and push and pull of good and bad. They offer sustenance to all, without judgment, the same as the Creator offers unconditional love to all–without judgment.

It is your human selves, your generations of human thoughts that have separated you from this love for so many life-streams. Thoughts do have power, for in those thoughts, the human returns to the compassion and love of Sacred Unity. It has been a long, long time since the energy of true unity has truly graced the beings on this planet. The roots of that change are now being planted by people and your star brothers and sisters all across this beautiful earth. Are there still old thought forms that need to be released? Yes. You know them well, but they are moving and as the weeks pass. Each of you feels the Heart of Love beating more purely in your being, do you not?

The changing times ask for you to allow your thoughts to become more pure to allow the flame of love to anchor into your hearts and to move outwards with each deep conscious breath as compassion and love. Judgment, blaming the old energies of good and bad, truly has no place in creating higher energies. Some of you become confused with discernment and judgment. Understanding why something does not support loving energies is very different than labeling a person as evil or stupid because one does not agree with them. The need to annihilate the other person when there have been disagreements has been at the root of much angst on the planet for eons. That is slowly coming to a close, Dear Ones. You are moving into a time where humans will truly listen to and respect each other.

Even though disagreements will occur, beings will be respected as equals and the days of needing to separate and divide life into haves and have nots, enlightened and unenlightened, conquerors and conquered, will slowly pass away. You are setting the groundwork for these changing energies. The time is now to examine your thoughts and to ask yourself if each thought inspires love and compassion. It doesn’t matter if the thought is for self or others, if it is not of unconditional love, it is not of higher energies. That is when choice comes into play.

There have been many dramas that have taken place on my body because humans have gone into fear and judgment. A new dawn is emerging that asks all to be the heart of compassion in new ways, that asks that each person be responsible for each thought that is given voice. With each thought that chooses compassion over fear, anger, and judgment, the way opens for greater love and change to become the new reality of earth. Go in peace my beloveds. My heart is with you always. Call upon me for I know your true nature. –Gaia

January 2013

Dear Ones,

It is important to understand that in the New Energy, the paradigms and parameters of the reality you have known as the old way of earth will no longer support the denser energies of strife and dependency on others for one’s own authority. This paradigm of giving one’s power away to institutions, or being told how to think and navigate one’s life as a slave to a belief system will eventually fall away to a greater understanding and love for self.

You see over many centuries earth has allowed experiences that have squelched the value of the individual in creating one’s reality from a place of joy and prosperity. The paradigms set in place by human thought have largely functioned to dim and you might even say, in using one of your popular phrases, to dumb down the consciousness of the divine human.

It is imperative at this point in time that you serve yourself, Dear Ones. There is nothing wrong with allowing the light of your hearts and minds to shine without the consensus and validation of those around you. In fact Spirit ask differently of you now in the new paradigm. The new paradigm asks you to release your past as a collective consciousness that in a sense became its own entity. So much of what you have told yourselves of who you are as humans is based on the idea that you must reflect each other’s worth back to each other. And when you were taught to seek love outside of yourself, that mirroring did not work so well for you did it? It never filled the hole within your own hearts because you did not know where to look, Dear Ones.

These are exciting times now on earth. Take a deep breath with me and feel how the energy has changed, how it is now in place to support you in loving the truest essence of your soul. Loving yourself with the love of your soul is the key to unraveling the mystery of self-love. You have been taught for so many years that you had to fit within certain rules of society or to be successful in order to be someone, yet when you achieved these things in your lives, many of you still felt empty, because you looked for love outside of yourselves. It is nothing to feel shame about, as it was part of the structure of earth, the old earth that reveled in creating the illusion of separation and division.

So how are things different now that the 12-21-12 has passed? Not much yet everything. Yes it is another paradox. I love to point them out as they bring depth to life to see the nuances and the twists and turns that make you stretch and go within to find your own answers to things that often conflict the old ways of perceiving life. What is the paradox? It is found in the fact that you must let the old ways of thinking completely go in order to step into the new paradigm of loving self-unconditionally, When you see yourself with the eyes of your past it creates a wall which you often stumble against in attempting to move beyond who you have thought you were. Where your love of self has been largely conditional in the old energy , it required looking at self with many comparisons to others where you told yourselves that you were better or less than, and often flawed and wanting in some way. And those thoughts and beliefs, as long as you hold onto them become a barrier to you in moving into the New Energy of earth.

You cannot continue to judge and condemn, even yourself, and move into the energy of unconditional love and acceptance. It is a universal law that unconditional love heals all thought-forms and densities of lower vibrational thinking. It is complicated if you want to make it that way, or that simple. Be unconditional love, Dear Ones, it is the answer that you seek and what will allow you to sing with the truest songs of your souls. Do you not hear the melody of the soul-filled human creating greater vibrations and harmonies on earth? The structure is already here for you to do this, to make this shift, Dear Ones. Always be love in your heart and minds and the shackles of old beliefs will fall from your body and you will see with the True Heart of Love, which is also my Heart, for we are all the Heart of One. Is it not a beautiful thing to embrace? Be well my waking beloveds. Be love always.

December 2012

My Dear, Dear Colleagues of Light,

Is it not a momentous occasion to be standing upon the planet at this time of great change? Do you not feel it changing every cell in your body? Do you not feel the Divine Plan opening with greater meaning in your own lives? Do you not feel the separation; the illusions of not “knowing” the love of the Creator are falling away? Breathe, Dear Ones. Breathe in the illusion of separation and let them go.  They no longer serve you.

The time is now to let the past go as a limiting vice. The infrastructures are now in place for you to make great strides in remembering who you are, but also to remember who we are as deeply connected beings in service to the love of the Creator. Feel this. Set your human mind aside, and allow this truth to enter into your hearts, without judgment. Do not be better or worse than others in your own mind, just feel the love as it is, pure, unconditional and accepting of all experience. Can you not feel it? It speaks to you more deeply now than it ever has. Your soul speaks to you with greater clarity. Yes, its love has always been boundless for you. Is it not grand to truly feel it now, in ways that a few years ago were not possible?

Know that the very structure of the universe is love, Dear Ones. It is in the very structure of every element on earth. It is in your cellular structure of your physical bodies, yet you tend to separate your bodies still from that love. Understand that the love that courses through your body also comprises your DNA. In that DNA, as the Kryon has so aptly explained, is the quantum science of love.  Yes love can be likened to science as waves of understanding that communicate to the body and mind. It nurtures and restores. It also creates waves of communication that move outward and declares to all “I am a being of love, ” if you so desire. When you embody and declare that love to the world, the earth declares its love for you. Do you not see how this is a great gift? Yet is it really a gift, as it is who you are? In remembering this connection, this most holy declaration, you become a placeholder of love on earth.

Understand that, as you acknowledge the love of your true essence, looking at life will no longer seem stagnant, as you will be in the energy of universal flow. This flow allows you to become the embodiment of pure love on earth. Even though disagreements may rage on around you, when you remain centered in the true Heart of Love, which is also deeply connected to me and to the nurturing energies of the Creator, you will come to understand that your love of self and life is indeed immoveable. You will be able to stand as a beacon of light and love not only in your own space, but your effects will reach out and touch others on quantum levels. You will walk by people on the street, who do not know you, and they will feel a connection to you and you to them.  Love is in the air. Even your science is beginning to track how love energy emanates outward from the heart. The wave of love purifies and clears a pathway so that you can communicate more fully as divine beings. It causes you to become connected quantumly, meaning that you communicate beyond words, and such is the power of the sacred heart and mind.

Know that much laughter and joy is in store for you as you continue to open to the love that is truly your birthright. Every day points of light are coming into being across the planet. Hearts are opening. Connections are being made. Solutions that only a few years ago were not even considered possible are coming into being and this is only the beginning. What can each of you do in this time of marvelous transformation? Be love. Breathe love. Emanate love with every breath you take. It does not matter if others do not understand yet that they also embody love, as their paths are perfect for them in this moment. Allow love in your heart for those who choose the energies that are not so much of love and know that one day they too, will come to the understanding that they are also love.
The love upon this planet is opening like a rose, softly, gently, without force, each petal taking its place as part of the beautiful and fragrant bloom. Do not be discouraged if the world does not transform overnight. Instead, be grateful for the love in your hearts and extend gratitude and love to those who do not yet choose to be their own bright lights of love. For in loving those who choose a darkened path, you enlighten your own path and of those around you.

The energies of duality will have less effect because you choose to love at all times and you see the value of not returning to ways that are less than unconditional love for each and every being on the planet. For in living each breath and each thought as unconditional love, you literally change reality, and the chains of human belief begin to fall away.

Is it not a grand time to be alive, dear Creators of your reality? Be love. I am with you always. Many are with you assisting you to move into greater love, light, and clarity. It is so and it is the truth that universal love is melding all together. Take heart and know that all is well within our grand universe of love.  The illusion of separation unravels with each conscious breath you take, when you so aptly and beautifully declare, “I AM LOVE.”

November 2012

Gaia 10/9/2012

Dear Ones,

I am delighted to share with you my joys for it is a truly a time of celebration. Most of you will continue over the next year to integrate your soul body into your earth body, and yes this will continue to cause you some physical discomforts, but it is only temporary. Know that as you move into your light-bodies, the densities that have been your 3-D lower vibrational realities will begin to completely release, but in doing so your body will need to adjust to the higher consciousness of love.

Your cells, for most of you, have become accustomed to perceiving their existence as separate from love. This creates quite the set up for you when you integrate with the light of pure love. Your cells may be a bit confused, especially if you continue to manifest the belief that there must be something wrong with your body. You see, you continue to create your reality, even as your vibration rises, and if you are not completely clear about what you want and how to take advantage of the loving energies that will flow to you, you can prevent the healings from taking place, simply because of disbelief and a need to hold on to the past as a manifestation of the present. Be clear, Dear Ones. The loving energies of Source gathers round to buoy you up, yet when you continue to think as a limited consciousness being, you in essence, create a prison where you cannot see to move beyond, if you rely on your old doubts and perceptions of who you have been to shape your reality.

There are many paradoxes afoot in learning to trust in you as a divine human of light. Things do not appear as they are, for the need exists to create from a place of surrendering into the Heart of Love.  The Heart of Love is the core of your angelic being, the essence of who you are as divine beings of light. To move into the higher heart and mind of love requires effort in being so aware of your thoughts that you no longer allow them to dictate who you are from a limited consciousness being. Goddess know, we have had enough of this (laughs). The paradox lies in that to truly release the past, the future must also be released. When the future is shaped by human belief of what the past has said it should be, the future reflects that past, and it will continue to do so as long as human beings see themselves as less than the true Heart of Love. Yet, Dear Ones there can be no force behind this love. It is a gentle loving flow that is fills life in the universe with Universal Love. This love is permeating every heart on earth and asking one’s deepest heart why humanity must continue to harm one another. Even though it may seem that not much change is happening, every human heart feels this love. To some it acts as a burr to their current identity, but they are feeling it, and even those who have agreed to play with the darkest energies are beginning to soften and to remember that they too are beings of love.  Even they are beginning to ask why they prefer darkness over love.

Some of you wish that the world will change from night to day. It has in many ways, Dear Ones, yet the seeds are being planted and watered with the heart of Universal Love. To push the fruit beyond its natural time of growth would be counterproductive to releasing mass consciousness, but given the time necessary for love to grow the fruits of compassion and understanding, the harvest will be truly magnificent.

Do not be disheartened if consciousness does not rise as fast as some of you would like. There is much going on that you do not see with human eyes. And so I urge you to feel with your hearts. Each day breathe the breath of universal love and see what happens. When you encounter difficulties and are tempted to revert to old ways of judging life, breathe universal love into the moment and feel the energy change.

Know that you are conscious creators of reality. The conscious loving thoughts you think and put into reality, without agenda, strengthen the Web of Love. If only you could see as I do what is happening. It is truly miraculous. Hearts are turning to love. Compassion, like the dove of peace, is unfolding her wings and flying into the heart of all of the world’s inhabitants. We truly are the Heart of Love. Do you feel it, Dear Ones? It is there for the asking. The archangels and I gather round you waiting for you to ask for our assistance. We will fill you with love and help you to remember that you are also this love.

One day soon, your own souls will shine so brightly within your own beings that there will be little need to ask for an infusion of divine love from us, for you will know without doubt that you carry the Heart of Divine love as conscious humans on Terra Nova. Be well, Dear Friends. Know with your deepest hearts that you are love and the Heart of Love connects us all through every breath of our existence.

Go in peace and be the Heart of Love always.  I am Gaia and I approve this message.  (much laughter) Note: In the United States during election season, advertisements endorsed by poltical candidates must include, “I am [insert name] and I approve this message.” Gaia has a wonderful sense of humor.

October 2012

My Dear Colleagues of Light,

It is time to rejoice. Is it not? For are you not remembering that you are the Heart of Love?  Just as it has always been since the very beginnings.  You have never lost the essence of love. For you see, at your heart you have always been love. The Great Mystery that your native cultures have referred to is just that — true unconditional love. Some may ask. “How can there be pain and darkness and still be love? How can things not make sense and still be love? How can one walk into the very denseness of earth reality and still find love when it appears that love does not exist?” Yet the Great Mystery behind the questions is that love has never not been there. Even when you have thought yourself to be separate from that love, you have always been love. You just couldn’t see it with human eyes.

So it is, Dear Ones, that you are returning to the source of your own light. You are remembering that even in the illusion of darkness that you have always been the light. The Great Mystery, the love of Mother/Father God has always been within your hearts–all along.  Now that you understand this, you are the key to unlocking your own mystery, thus unleashing your own light of love to dissolve the illusions of lack and separation. Be joyful, my friends, for is not the answer always found within the question? Is not the darkness but a reflection of your own Greater Light? Is not the love of your heart a precious relic that you can now gaze upon and hold up for the whole world to see as your own source of loving truth–who you are: a brilliant light of love, remembering that you have always been love. This love is not something that must be rediscovered.  It IS you. It is your birthright as divine beings of love to let your light now shine.

Come, let us shine together in all of our splendor. We will carry the light of conscious love in our hearts as never before. It is time, Dear Ones; embrace the love that is you. Do not be afraid to be love, for in the fear you revisit the past illusion of who you are not. Be the being of love in grace and wisdom. I am with you every breath of the way.